12 Practical & Stylish Small Bathroom Ideas

Kim Lewis
by Kim Lewis

Design ideas for large bathrooms are plentiful these days, so let’s talk about the perfect small bathroom design instead. Keep in mind that when you’re looking for small bathroom ideas, you want to find those that will make a big impact on your home without busting your budget.

Plus, they need to be practical since you’re working with a smaller space and you want to be able to move around freely. Rest assured, the simple small bathroom ideas I have for you today are just what you need to get started, and ultimately love the space you’re in.

The bathroom I’m sharing with you today is the perfect example of a small space bathroom. Here are twelve reasons why the perfect small bathroom design ideas can be found here.

Layout of the bathroom

1. Size

The size of this bathroom is eight feet deep by 75 inches wide, which is slightly above six feet. It is a perfect architectural floor plan for a small size bathroom because everything you need fits neatly inside without any wasted space.

Two-foot-wide vanity in a small bathroom

2. Vanity

There is a two-foot-wide vanity in this small bathroom, which is really all you need. You have storage underneath.

Countertop that flows into the sink

What I love most about this particular vanity from Kohler is that the countertop flows into the sink, making it really easy to clean. There are no crevices to trap hair or dust.

Kohler mirror with integrated lighting

3. Mirror

The mirror I purchased is the perfect solution for such a small bathroom. It is also from Kohler, and the built-in integrated lighting is so helpful when it comes to putting on your makeup in the morning.

Medicine cabinet with a small mirror that folds out

Plus, it makes a great medicine cabinet since it has a small mirror that folds out, and if you're anything like me and you're teeny tiny, you are able to pull it down to be able to see. You also have an integrated plug for curling your hair. So this medicine cabinet combined with the vanity was honestly all the storage that we ever needed.

Where to place a toilet

4. Toilet

You've got to leave at least three feet between your vanity and your tub, which is the perfect little pocket to place a toilet. You don't need anything more than thirty-six inches, believe it or not.

Cast iron clawfoot tub

5. Bathtub

This is absolutely one hundred percent my dream bathtub. It's a cast iron clawfoot tub, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It's two-tone. You've got black on the outside and white on the inside. You might be thinking, how in the world does she get a clawfoot in a tiny house? Well, I've got this footprint of six by eight feet and that's everything you need.

Faucets for a bath

6. Faucets

One of the secrets that I want to tell you when you're picking faucets for a bathtub is to use the products yourself. If I'm in here and I want to turn on the faucet or make it warmer or colder I literally would take my toes and turn it because I used the pinwheel faucets. It literally made it so easy.

Rain shower in a bathroom

7. Rain shower

We also added a rain shower. Now, the rain shower is such a beautiful little feature. It's a gravity pull situation so the water sort of sprinkles onto your head, which feels very refreshing.

Window in a bathroom

8. Window

I highly recommend getting a window in your bathroom since it allows natural light into the space. It's very important for waking up at the start of the day and for putting on makeup.

Window ledge with plants

9. Window ledge

I also have a built-in window ledge here, which enables me to put shampoo, plants, and all my soaps up here. I don't have to have any kind of niches or additional shelving for products, so this actually serves a purpose for lighting and as a functional shelf.

Choosing hardware for a bathroom

10. Hardware

In a bathroom design, the hardware is really important. It’s like the jewelry in the room. Splurge a little bit and get yourself a nice toilet paper holder and a robe hook. There are so many cool companies out there now that do really thoughtful, intentional, and very cool designs for these items. I would say spend a little extra and get something more interesting than what you’d find at a big box store.

Showing personality in the tile

11. Personality

This is a personal message that I put on the tile of our floor. Having a personal message in your bathroom, whether it be a permanent feature in the tile or art displayed on the wall, makes you happy and speaks to who you are.

12. Barn doors

In our tiny home design, this double barn door was perfection because if we had someone living at our house or a guest staying with us, we could close this side. It made it feel a little bit more like they had their own entrance from that unit.

Simple small bathroom ideas

I hope you learned some small bathroom ideas you can take with you today. Bathroom design is so important in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics, and finishes. You have to have the whole package. I feel like this bathroom nailed it, and I'm proud of this design.

Share your thoughts on the ideas for small bathrooms that I shared with you today in the comments section.

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  • Belinda Belinda on Feb 04, 2024
    A few of your ideas in my small apt bathroom I will incorporate. Storing away toilet supplies/tools in a trash basket in a cabinet or closet, installing knobs on the sink cabinet, adding a plant that can survive in a windowless bathroom, adding a rug in front of sink and clearing the countertop. Perhaps changing out the lightbulbs will make a difference. Excited about this DIY!
  • Deannajohncox52 Deannajohncox52 on Jun 01, 2024
    I saw a new toilet design that came from Japan and the sink is built into the tank of the toilet itself. So you don't have to have space for the sink and the toilet any longer, because the sink is in the tank of the toilet itself, it uses clean water of course. So it's perfect for tiny houses and tiny spaces.