A Guest Bathroom Refresh: Transforming a Small Space

Welcome back, Friends of the Twins! Today, I’m tackling a guest bathroom refresh. Let's see how we can transform this space.

Thrifting for Treasures

I found this pair of silver metal sconces at a thrift store for a steal – $15! While the color wasn't perfect, I had a plan.

Silver Spray Paint Refresh

The bathroom already has silver accents, so I decided to spray paint the sconces to match. After trying two different silver paints, I landed on a shinier finish that I love.

Then, I hung them on the wall.

Curtain Magic

Next, I’m hanging the same velvet curtains that I have in the living room. These floor-to-ceiling panels create the illusion of a larger space. I gave the tension rod a fresh lick of silver spray paint too.

To hold them back, I simply use a command hook – it’s a budget-friendly and functional solution.

Towel Talk

I also found new towels in colors that complement the existing bathroom tile. Here, I’m just playing around to see what works. I usually keep just one bath towel and one hand towel on the rack to avoid clutter.

Floral Delights

Neutral-colored florals from Joann's add a touch of nature and softness to the space. Until recently, I was sleeping on Joann’s, but I recommend you pop in there from time to time because they have some nice things.

Touches of Glam

I’ve scattered touches of crystal and silver throughout the bathroom in various accessories and fixtures, such as the wall art from HomeGoods.

Maximizing Storage

A beautiful wooden cabinet from HomeGoods provides additional storage and complements the brown wall cabinet. The mirror front is lovely and we’re Tuscan girls at heart, so we love the raw iron handles.

Working with What You Have

While the brown wall cabinet wasn't initially my favorite, adding the wooden cabinet next to it made it more appealing. So, I’ve decided to hold off on renovating the bathroom for now and focus on working with the existing elements.

Small Bathroom, Big Impact

I love the final result – a comfortable and luxurious feeling guest bathroom despite its small size.

Thanks for joining me on this guest bathroom refresh! We hope it inspires you to create a beautiful and functional space in your own home.

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