Budget Bathroom Remodel: 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Space

I’m going to tell you about my budget bathroom remodel. I painted the out-of-date tile floor, painted the cabinet, and added wallpaper plus a wood wall accent. My budget bathroom makeover also included new lighting, fixtures, and decor.

The question when doing a renovation becomes where do I want to spend money to make an impact and where do I want to save money? Read on to see how I renovated my guest bathroom with little money.

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Bathroom before
Floor tiles

1. Floor

The first thing I did was redo the floor. I had a tile floor that was in excellent condition but I did not want to put the money into ripping it out and putting in a new floor. So, I painted it. In brief, I cleaned the floor, primed it, and then painted over it with two coats of very dark charcoal.

I painted the floor white on top of the charcoal. After the paint dried, I sanded it down. I really wanted an old-looking tile. When I was finished and had the look I wanted, I did two coats of poly acrylic sealer.

It has held up really well. I have had zero problems with it. It’s a very inexpensive way to make your tile look great.

Painted vanity

2. Vanity

My next decision was what to do with the older vanity and the cabinet, which were both in great condition, so I decided to work with it. I did not like the wood tones in the cabinet, though. I painted it in the color Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams. It’s a beautiful black color with a little bit of gray.

Gold hardware on the vanity
Silhouette wall art

3. Hardware

I did not want to replace the hardware on my vanity. The hardware was silver so instead, I painted it gold. I used Rub ’n Buff, which is durable and stays on well.

4. Mixing old with new

My daughter and I are addicted to visiting antique shops, and we found some adorable little silhouettes on one of our excursions. I repainted the frames so they matched. I even used Rub ‘n Buff on the nails so they were gold instead of silver to match the hardware.

Thrifted soap dish
We also found a cute old soap dish with a gold base that went with everything else.

Wallpapered light switch

5. Light switch

I also covered the light switch with wallpaper using some Mod Podge, just to add some character to the bathroom.

Mirror and sconces

6. Mirror and sconces

Usually, larger mirrors are glued to bathroom walls and they are difficult to remove. We got the mirror off the wall without breaking it but there were gouges in the drywall. We framed the new mirror with wood and ran the shiplap vertically so we wouldn’t have to do any sheetrock work.

Closeup of a sconce
Sconce and mirror

In the original bathroom, we had one light over the mirror. I wanted two sconces on both sides of a smaller mirror. We ran wires before putting the wood wall up. I decided to spend the money on these two sconces and a smaller mirror to make the most impact.

Gold toilet paper holder

7. Accessories

We installed a new faucet but it was very difficult to do so. I incorporated more gold into the bathroom with a towel ring and toilet paper holder.

Gold floor vent

I also spray-painted the existing grate on the floor vent. My main colors in the bathroom ended up being white, black, and gold.

Board-and-batten wall

8. Board-and-batten wall and wallpaper

I wanted my board-and-batten wall to be higher than the halfway mark. The reason was that I knew the wallpaper I chose was going to be busy and I didn’t want too much of it in the room.

Toile and bird wallpaper

I love toile and birds so when I saw this, I knew it was perfect. This black-and-white wallpaper and pattern make this room look a little old-world.

Gold shower curtain rod

9. Shower curtain rod

I spray-painted the curtain rod gold! After I put it up, I added a bit more Rub ‘n Buff to the ends to give it a deeper patina. Rub ‘n Buff goes over spray paint well.

Top of the shower curtain
Long shower curtain
Shower curtain that looks like drapery

10. Shower curtain

It’s tough to find an extra-long shower curtain, so I bought a pair of linen drapery panels and sewed them together. The drapes I chose are called “tab backed,” which means on the backs of the curtains are tabs where you would normally run a drapery rod.

I just did not want to have the look of rings–I wanted it to look like a drapery panel. I added a shower curtain liner on a second smaller shower curtain rod, which hides very well behind the drapery panel.

Budget bathroom remodel

I hope you were inspired by some of these ideas so you can incorporate them into your budget bathroom remodel. I also hoped it helped to see where I decided to spend money or save money. Please let me know in the comments what you think of these bathroom decorating ideas.

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  • Marguerite Shipley Marguerite Shipley on Feb 24, 2024
    I would have liked to see before pictures, so this video wouldn't be confusing to try to imagine what each thing looked like before.