Guest Bathroom Makeover: How to Make a Space Inviting For Visitors

I'm going to share my guest bathroom makeover with you today. Our guest bathroom is the most important room in our home because it gets the most use from our visitors. I wanted to reflect and set the tone for the rest of our home, so it was time for a makeover.

Removing fixtures

All of the builder's grade fixtures and materials just had to go. So, my husband got busy removing the ceramic towel bar.

Then he removed the toilet paper holder and the medicine cabinet.

We never used it, and I always cleaned it. He removed all four screws, and it was gone.

He then moved on to the vanity. This took some time to remove because of the plumbing. He then worked on putting our hole-in-the-wall bathroom back together using drywall, tape, and plaster.

So here's a reminder of the before.

This is the guest bathroom after the makeover.


It's no longer basic; it's fresh, clean, and bright, and it needs that special attention. The wall color is called Swan White by Glidden. I chose white because it's a small bathroom with no windows, and painting it white made the room feel not so much larger but taller.


This beautiful shelving was a hack.

The inspiration came from a beautiful gold two-tier wall-mounted shelf that I saw at Pottery Barn.

It was $300 for the two-tier and $500 for the four-tier. Kirkland's had something slightly similar for $59.99, but I caught it on sale, and I got it for $42.99 with an additional 10% off using our military discount.

I gave the metal a makeover using gold spray paint, and I also cut and painted the shelving white using the same color that's on the walls.

If you have a small bathroom like this, take advantage of the vertical space and add shelving over the toilet.


Hand towels, bath salts, and lavender spray are on the top shelf for guests to use.

On the second shelf, I got a ceramic container with a lid to house all of our extra dinner napkins that I have for our guests to use because I don't like everyone using the same hand towel.

On the bottom shelf, I have an artificial planter that is sitting on a metal tray and a gold vessel with a marble lid.

It is just so pretty. Inside, I have a small soy candle that fits perfectly.


There's no particular rule when it comes to bathroom lighting. I've partnered up with Lamps Plus to share a few of their beautiful light fixtures.

This golden bronze wall light has a crisscross design with a crystal accent and a fabric shade, giving the space a warm glow.

It is simply stunning and is my show-stopper in this room.

This aged brass wall sconce is sleek and modern and resembles a torch.

The crystal orb plays off perfectly with the other accessories. I absolutely love both.

Towel ring

Where the medicine cabinet was, we added a towel ring. This was more functional for this bathroom, and we also replaced the builder's grade light switch plates for updated covers from the Home Depot.


The reason for this bathroom makeover started with the vanity. It's from the Home Depot, and it's by the Home Decorators Collection. The basin has a sweeping bowl design for that contemporary look.

For the luxe look, we added a gold faucet that's resistant to tarnishing and corrosion.

The vanity is a creamy off-white with contemporary lines. It's fresh and transitional. I replaced the original drawer pulls that came with the vanity with acrylic and gold drawer pulls. It's a simple, classic detail that adds so much style to your bathroom.

Travel-size guest essentials are inside the drawers, and I love using them because guests are usually at our home for only a few days, and this will hold them over until they get home.

Cotton balls and Q-tips are inside containers that I got from IKEA, and I love using them because they keep everything dust-free with the lid that comes with it.

In the bottom drawer are bath towels, hand towels, and sponges in case guests prefer this over washcloths.

On the open shelving, I have two baskets that I got from A.C. Moore. I use one of the baskets for toilet paper, and I keep my cleaning caddy in the other basket.

I have extra shower liners in my cleaning caddy because they can get really gross, and I hate cleaning them. I also have microfiber cloths from Grove Collaborative and Glade Mist. It smells fantastic, and the smell lasts for a long time. You can get it from Target. Lastly, I have Lysol wipes and my multi-purpose cleaner, which is also from Grove Collaborative.

Upgraded towel bar

The towel bar is undoubtedly an upgrade from the builder's grade. I love acrylic and gold, and adding this towel bar ties in with all of the other acrylic hardware in the space.

Folding hand towels

My towels are from Kohl's. I'm sharing how I fold my hand towels for these narrow shelves that I have. I fold it in half, and then I fold that half the way and the same on the other side, and then I fold them again.

Guest bathroom makeover

I hope you are inspired to do your own guest bathroom makeover. You can apply any of these ideas in your main bathroom, too. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite thing is in our bathroom.

Disclaimer: I may receive a small affiliate commission from purchases made via links in this article but at no cost to you.

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  • Cindy Tucker Cindy Tucker on May 06, 2024
    Beautiful make-over, although I also liked the original style. Shows you have good taste no matter which direction you go.
  • Lisa Fauerbach Lisa Fauerbach on May 07, 2024
    This is just lovely- elegant and timeless. Well done! 🩷🩷🩷