My Afro-Boho Bathroom Design & Wall Stencil Ideas

I'm taking you on a tour of my small and funky but functional Afro-boho bathroom in my 1925 bungalow. There are tons of Afro-boho decor ideas in this video you can use in your own home.

Using my custom on a budget philosophy I mixed new purchases with thrifted and repurposed furnishings and decor. Read on for inspiration and ideas to add more Afro-boho chic and retro vibe to your home.


This is not the original bathroom. I gutted the space when I bought the home and designed it the way you’ll see. Here’s the original above.

1. Flooring

I did a ceramic tile with a marbled look which brightens up the space of this small bathroom. I love this flat weave rug because the door is a rather low space underneath when it opens up. I got this rug at Wayfair but it has a vintage vibe that fits in well with an Afro-boho and retro design. You do not always have to go with a traditional bath mat–this is more of a hallway rug.

2. Shower

I designed the shower in the same ceramic tile as the floor. I added an accent of chevron patterned tile from Porcelanosa on the wall and used it for the niche.

I did a full glass enclosure because the space is relatively small and it gives it visual space to make the room look more expansive. It would have been cheaper to do a shower curtain but it would have blocked off the space and made the room feel smaller.

The wonderful thing about this home is that it has wonderful high ceilings.

3. Statement wall

I stenciled this wall myself. It gives it a funky vibe and everyone thinks it’s wallpaper.

4. Pony wall

Here’s a half-wall topped with granite. I used the same granite in the kitchen for counters but I had remnants for the bathroom. This wall hides the toilet.

5. Artwork

The toilet is sort of hidden, and I have some art above the toilet that was gifted to me.

Here are vintage tin tiles on the wall I got in New York at a flea market. They bring so much character to any room. It looks so great with the hanging macrame planter I got from Amazon.

6. Rattan blinds

I added reddish rattan blinds for texture and depth.

7. Vintage magazine rack

I have a vintage magazine rack in the closet to hold supplies.

8. Vanity

This is a small washbasin and cabinet but I keep it really organized with pullouts.

The mirror–and I think the light fixture–are both from Wayfair. The bronze tone of the mirror goes with the rattan blinds and makes the space elegant.

9. Marble top

I put another piece of that remnant granite on top of the radiator for extra counter space space.

I painted the radiator the same color as the walls to make it appear a little more seamless.

Above that is a framed piece of mud cloth. The frame is thrifted and I bought it for $5.

Afro-boho bathroom

Sometimes you may think you can’t do much with a small space. But you can add a statement moment like I did with the stenciled wall and another moment where you add some art like I did over the toilet. Drop a comment to let me know what you love about this Afro-boho design bathroom.

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  • Kathren Kathren on May 04, 2024
    I have a very small very dated bathroom and the shower is walked in in the center of this small bathroom with a shower curtain! Maybe there is a way to redo mine after all! Thanks for your inspirations !
  • Penelope Penelope on May 05, 2024
    5. ArtworkThe toilet is sort of hidden, and I have some art above the toilet that was gifted to me. For everyone asking what the person posting this put above her toilet - I think this is it - artwork.