15 Target Summer Decor Finds in the Dollar Spot & Outdoor Shop


Today I'll be heading out to check out some Target summer decor items in their Bullseye Playground section, also known as the Dollar Spot. I’ll also be perusing the aisles in their outdoor shop.

Last year, I got my garden tools from Target, but it looks like they have even more items available this year, so I wanted to check them out and take you guys along with me.

Target Dollar Spot 2023

I'll be starting right here at the Target Bullseye Playground section, just looking at a few items that they currently have on sale. They have many items for Father's Day, so if you need little knick-knacks or gifts for dad, this is the perfect place to shop.

Coolers at Target

1. Coolers

They have a lot of coolers, like beer coolers, as well as little coolers that dads can carry their drinks around with them on the road. So definitely check out these handy Target summer items while they last.

Bud vases at Target

2. Bud vases

I also found really cute bud vases, and they are only $3. I think this will look really nice in your bathroom or on your kitchen counter. Just add a faux stem or a real stem, and that's all you really need.

Pool accessories at Target

3. Pool accessories

Target has floating wireless speakers and different pool items, like a blow-up beverage holder. I think that's pretty cool, and it’s only $5.

Miniature spa towel

4. Towels

They also have a nice miniature spa towel that you can use. And I would actually stack these up somewhere, like in my bathroom. And they do come at a reasonable price.

Miniature basket decor at Target

5. Baskets

I was also excited to see miniature baskets. I would place these all over my home to store napkins, paper towels, and maybe toilet paper in your bathroom. And these are only $5 apiece.

Wine coolers at Target

6. Wine coolers

Next up is one of my favorite finds from today. They have a wine cooler retailing for $5, and it comes in two different colors, pink and blue. It has a wine bottle storage section as well as a section to store your glasses, so you can use them on the go. It zips all the way around, and it has a handle at the top. It also makes the perfect gift for anyone who is a wine lover.

Cake stands at Target

7. Cake stands

The reversible cake stand they sell is perfect for hosting outside. It holds chips and dip, and when you flip it over, it also can be used as a charcuterie board, especially if you are having a picnic. It has a beautiful design on it, and it comes with a stand, so you can lift it above the grass. And it is only $5.

Target Outdoor Shop 2023

Now, you know I'll be checking out some items in the Target outdoor shop in summer 2023 as well.

Garden pots at Target

8. Pots

As you can see, they have garden items like pots that start at $3 and come in a variety of different colors and shapes. I would personally use these plastic pots if I wanted to grow some vegetables or some herbs for the summer and leave my glass pots for decorative purposes.

Garden tools at Target

9. Garden tools

Over here, they have many garden tool items, and not only are they sturdy, but they are very aesthetically-pleasing. They have a nice wooden handle and a metal black trowel.

Tables and chairs at Target

10. Tables and chairs

I love their chairs as well as this table for outside. I'm not really a fan of round tables. I like more square edges for my outdoor patio, but the table is pretty sturdy and nice.

Dishware and glassware at Target

11. Dishware and glassware

I love vibrant colors for the summertime, so I definitely want to check out some of the glassware and dinnerware they currently have in stock. This is like an acrylic type of salad plate, and it retails for, I believe, $4. And I do love the print.

Faux plants at Target

12. Plants

Faux plants are great, especially if you still want plant aesthetics but want something a little low maintenance. These stems start at $5, and some of them do look more authentic than others, so I would just look through a bunch of stems to keep an eye out for the ones that look more real.

Patio sets at Target

13. Patio sets

Now this is probably the third patio set that I've seen on display, and this comes in retailing at $185 for a three-piece set. It probably can be used for a smaller patio if you just want to add something on a balcony or if you have a small space and you can dress it up with some pillows.

Outdoor lighting at Target

14. Outdoor lighting

And adding lanterns to your patio or your deck is a perfect way to create that more luxurious style. If you want to add a moody aesthetic to your deck or your patio, definitely consider adding some string lights, especially the bulbs that have more of that amber hue to them.

Target summer decor

15. Outdoor pillows

So walking into the pillow section, I do see many pillows with a lot of textural interest, which I do feel like for today, this is probably the better buys that you would get in the outdoor shop. They look very high-end, the material is very high quality, and they are inexpensive, and they come in different colors, different patterns, as well as different sizes.

Target summer decor

As you can see, there are some really great Target summer decor items just waiting for you to pick them up. The Target dollar spot in summer 2023 is not to be missed since you can find such great deals there. Share your favorite Target summer deals in the comments down below.

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