How To Create a Cozy Space For Winter


Happy crisp winter day from the Mitten!

With a new year, it just seems natural to organize, purge and do a cozy refresh of our homes for winter.

Well, at least it is natural for me. I love a good purge and refresh day!

With neutrals, soft pillows, cozy blankets and quilts, you can transition from the holiday look, into a cozy winter look. I have linked some of my favorites for you but first, I want to share my quick bedroom refresh with you.

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A Quick Bedroom Refresh

I haven’t done a refresh in my bedroom since last spring, so I started there.

I wanted to use the existing drapes but soften the bedding. I’m all about using what you have to get a refreshed look. I have a ton of pillows, quilts, and throws. Believe it or not, those items are kind of an obsession for me.

Give me all the pretty textiles!

Who likes layers? I’m a big layer girl and I think they make a space even cozier.

I started my bedroom refresh with a grey and cream buffalo checked quilt. The buffalo check has a striped back so I turned the top back to get both patterns. Buying a reversable quilt is a great investment. You get two for the price of one.

Next, I used a cream colored quilt. It has a few colors which coordinate well with those existing drapes. It’s a favorite and I’ve had it for years. Last, I added my cream comforter and a couple of neutral pillows.

Easy transformation.

Cozy Throws and Pillows

If you are anything like my family, you have a bizillion throws and pillows in your living area. So each season, I change them out. For winter, I use cream and neutral colors to give the space a cozy feeling.

Who doesn’t love cozy??

My deal of the week, last week, was this Arhaus throw. Regularly $99 on sale for $14.85 with free shipping. Such great quality and I may have bought more than one!! Check out the link above, there’s still time to get one….or two!

When we aren’t using the throws, I hang them on my blanket ladder, the back of couch or chair or on the ottoman. All those places create a cozy vibe when you enter the room.

The Hearth & Hand line at Target has a new blanket ladder that I just ordered. I love the color of the wood tone.

Quilts are another cozy item. Many of you have some that have been handed down through family or purchased on your thriftingn travels.

What’s more cozy than a beautiful quilt. I share my passion for them in my blog post For The Love of Quilts.

As far as the pillows go, I’d be lying if I said they just sit on the sofas looking cozy and pretty. Sure, they start out that way and are fluffed and looking pretty when company comes, but those pretty pillows are laid on, folded in half for the right position, for whoever’s head is laying on them!

Can I get an Amen? I can’t be the only one who lives this!

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is they have to be comfy, cozy and flexible.

Some of my favorites right now are from Pottery Barn and Walmart.

I’ve linked some of my favorites for you below.

I hope I’ve given you a few ways to make your home cozy with some simple throws, pillows and quilts.

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