My Summer Bathroom Decor Ideas For a Season Refresh

We're going to be focusing on decorating our summer bathroom in our master bedroom. The bathroom is the perfect place for adding summer touches. From start to finish, I hope this inspires you in your bathroom decorating.

Vanity drawer

I'm getting started with the vanity in the master bathroom. I went ahead and pulled everything out. I poured it onto this little tray that I had on top of the vanity and just kind of started sorting through everything, seeing what didn't belong there.

I went ahead and cleaned out the drawer, and then I put back the little clear containers that I had bought from Amazon. I went ahead and put my husband's essentials, deodorant, brushes, the little attachments for his shaver, and a bunch of other stuff on one side.

In the middle, I like to keep it neutral with things that we would both use, like toothpaste and nail clippers. I played around with things here and placed what we usually use, and then everything else either ended up in the trash or some other drawer in our bedroom.

Vanity top and middle

Now, I'm moving on to the top of the vanity.

I went ahead and just wiped down everything.

I got a sponge, and I scrubbed the inside of the sink. I usually like to keep the middle of the vanity clean.

So, I use this beautiful little golden tray that I bought at Ikea. I went ahead and wiped that down and then finished wiping down the rest of the vanity.

I put on a beautiful vase that I found at HomeGoods. Inside of it, I just put these pretty green branches that are from Hobby Lobby.

Right in front of the vase, I went ahead and just added amber glass dispensers. They're so beautiful and of such excellent quality. One of them has hand sanitizer, and the other one has hand soap. So, I just put both of those on the tray.


Moving on to the bathtub, this one right here is not necessarily my favorite. It took me a while to get into this bathtub. This home used to be owned by someone else, just like I think someone used to be in this tub just for some reason. It just makes me not want to get into it.

The number of times that I've disinfected this tub and scrubbed it with bleach and everything, it's still scary for me to get in. I went ahead and just washed it down with water because I haven't gotten it in the last week or two, so I just wanted to make sure that there was no dust building up.

This little nook right here, right next to the vanity, is in between the vanity and the tub, so I went ahead and bought this cute little bench from HomeGoods, and then the tree in the back is a pretty olive silk tree from Nearly Natural.

I put this together in this corner and then put some cute little face hand towels, these bath bombs from HomeGoods, and a cute little coaster from HomeGoods. I'm just using it to put a candle on top so it doesn't burn the bench.


I found this at HomeGoods, and I just put it right in front of the vanity. And then the last thing that I did in this area was just clean up the glass in the shower.

Summer bathroom

I really hope that you enjoyed my summer bathroom decorating and sneak peek at my bedroom. Have you decorated your bathroom for summer? Share your ideas and projects in the comments below.

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  • Aha13200832 Aha13200832 on May 28, 2024
    Looks like you have a marble vanity top. Moisture under that metal tray can leave stains that won’t come out. Careful!