Home Styling Tips: How I Stage a New Real Estate Listing

I'm at a new real estate listing today to see what my staging team can do to spruce it about a bit. It looks pretty outdated at the moment, so we are going to come up with some home styling suggestions to make it look more modern.

Once these updates have been completed, the listing agent should be able to sell it for top dollar. This is going to be a challenge, of course, but the home decor styling tips we come up with should speed this sale right along.

Home styling tips

Here are the 7 major home styling tips we ultimately recommended for this home:

Fireplace refresh

1. Fireplace refresh

The fireplace needed a refresh, but my team decided that it wasn’t necessary to redo the entire thing. By simply spray painting all of the brass with black paint, the fireplace suddenly looked a lot more modern, and we were able to keep the original stone in place.

Dining room creation

2. Dining room creation

Thanks to the open concept of this house, there used to be a very long living room, and there wasn't really a space for a formal dining set anywhere in the home.

So, I decided to designate a corner of the living room as a formal dining room space. With the addition of a table and chairs, some artwork, and decor, there is now a clear dining room area where a family can gather for meals.

Lighting and decor upgrade

3. Lighting and decor upgrade

This room used to have all dark wood walls and dark wood closets. With new drywall and a fresh coat of paint, it looks more modern. And we added a special chandelier in this room in place of the ceiling fan.

Bathroom renovation

4. Bathroom Reno

There used to be two little mirrors over two little vanities in this big master bathroom. And I felt like it wasn't adequate enough. So I had the agent buy one big mirror.

Lights above a large mirror

And look at those lights too. So very sharp. Everything looks awesome.

Adding an office space

5. Office addition

Every home nowadays needs a space to Zoom. So we made sure to include a desk in this small bedroom space for all the zoomers.

Family entertainment space

6. Family entertainment space

Originally, the seller had their bedroom downstairs, and we were going to work with that. We were going to make it look like a bachelor pad with a little sleeping quarter area.

But once they moved their stuff out, I said, let's just give the agent something super special down here. Because the house could be a little bit challenging to sell since it's on a very busy corner. So, let's put a fun entertainment area down in the basement for a family.

Sprucing up the backyard

7. Backyard spruce up

A huge transformation has taken place outside. It used to be really dark, but it’s been power washed now, and the whole yard cleaned up really nicely. With the new furniture that’s coming in, there will be an outdoor dining space and an outdoor sitting area. There used to be an old chandelier with a chain that flagged over to that side.

Styling your home

Wonder how styling your home like the professional stagers do will help it sell faster and for more money? I already showed you the major things we did to this home, so here are 9 minor things we did to stage it before it hit the market so that the sellers could attract a full offer:

Fireplace toned down to black

1. Fireplace redo

The second fireplace used to be brass also, so I felt like it was a little bit too much. And now we've toned it down with black like the first fireplace. So it looks very polished and classy.

Painted closets

2. Painted closets

This home has very mid-century tones, especially with the wood paneling and louvered doors. These closets used to be dark wood, and they got painted white. So the house just feels newer and cleaner.

Cohesive decor

3. Cohesive decor

When we chose this multi-colored carpet, I thought it was an interesting look. But it was still hard for me to envision how it would work with everything else. But now I'm seeing furniture here, and everything is really cohesive now. I just really like it.

Separating a large room into smaller areas

4. Room separation

I love room separation. We actually have an official little sitting area now as opposed to just this empty space like it was before. I like it. It's inviting. It's modern. Before it was not, so we’ve added functionality.

New carpet and a rug

5. Continuous flooring

The flooring was just kind of different flooring all over the place before, so we put new carpet in and now you see more of the same flooring throughout with some additional area rugs.

Black hardware

6. Hardware replacement

We changed out a lot of the door hardware. Again, we went with the black theme for all the hardware, which we also pulled into the light fixtures for a cohesive look.

Keeping a wood panel over the fireplace

7. Charm preservation

My first instinct was to paint over this wood panel, but the listing agent told me not to do it. We got to keep the charm. Not everything needs to be painted white. This is a mid-century modern home, so preserving the charm is a nice touch.

Sunroom upgrade with yoga mat

8. Sunroom upgrade

Lots of change in the sunroom area. I knew this was going to be some sort of sitting room with pillows. But I love having a little yoga mat in here too. And really it is a perfect place to do a bit of yoga here. You got the bright sun, and it's just about the right size for it. Perfect. I love it.

Game and media room

9. Game and media room

Lots of homes have home theaters, play areas, and gyms. I love this. This is really cool. I like having an element of fun in my listings. You know what? It's unique.

Home styling

Anyone can pull off the perfect home styling with the tips I’ve shared with you today. It’s really just about thinking through each space and determining a purpose for it while creating cohesion throughout the home.

Let me know your favorite home styling tips in the comments down below.

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  • Susan Susan on Oct 07, 2023
    I love what you did to the house but hate the house. The steps to the front door are crazy. You did a great job.