10 Renter-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

I'm going to show you guys ten ways to complete a renter-friendly bathroom makeover using some things that you might not have even thought about.

If you have an ugly apartment that you want to spruce up and make your home for the time being, then here’s your chance to curate some unique and easy-to-complete renter-friendly bathroom ideas you’ll love.

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Before - yellow lightbulb in the bathroom
After - daylight lightbulb in the bathroom

1. Add daylight bulbs

My first tip for making easy renter-friendly bathroom upgrades is to use daylight bulbs in the bathroom, especially if you don't have a window.

My original lightbulbs made everything look yellow and nasty, and who wants to take a selfie in that type of bathroom? By changing out your light bulbs you can upgrade your space instantly.

Before and after using RMR-86 on tiles

2. Refresh your tiles

I have very bad mold, so I want to try a new product and see if it works for me. I bought some RMR-86, an instant mold and mildew stain remover that’s supposed to work in just 15 seconds.

I just sprayed it on and in about a minute or two, it’s noticeably better. I haven't even wiped it off, but the pink stuff is gone. This stuff works, and my renter-friendly bathroom tiles project helped this small space look clean and fresh.

Tiles before the regrout
Tiles after the regrout

3. Tile repair

I live in South Florida and the humidity is very high here. I think that's why I see a lot of mold problems. But I finally got down to the real source. Whoever installed the tile only used a bunch of caulk, and they didn't put cement board behind the tile.

To fix that, I needed to remove everything. Then, I picked up some premixed adhesive and grout. I used bright white, and what I really like about this stuff is that you can use it for two different things. I used it to regrout all the tiles first, and I used it to fix a cracked tile I had in the corner.

Adding contact paper to the countertops
Caulking around the contact paper

4. Cover your countertops

A year ago, I applied marble contact paper (see also this glossy marble contact paper alternative) to my kitchen countertops, and I ended up with extra, so I added it to the vanity top in this bathroom as well.

To do so, I used two halves of contact paper, and I simply started in the middle and everything worked out. I also added caulking around the contact paper as well.

Installing vertical storage
Vertical storage solutions

5. Vertical storage solutions

No DIY renter-friendly bathroom makeover is complete without looking at storage solutions. The number one tip I would give you guys if you're struggling with storage, is to use your vertical space.

I had some issues with storage in the bathroom, so I added a shelf that fits perfectly next to the toilet and the sink.

Installing a second mirror
Double mirrors over one sink

6. Add new mirrors

Once I added the shelf and took care of my storage problems, I realized that the next issue that I needed to tackle was the fact that the bathroom felt too small. So I decided to put another mirror in here.

Although I don't have double sinks, having two mirrors makes the bathroom a lot more functional. So I picked up this mirror from Ikea.

Framing the old mirrors

7. Frame old mirrors

When I first moved in, I tried to frame the original mirror using the wood technique, but it just really didn't work. So what I used instead was electrical tape. It didn't cost much, and it made the biggest impact. I'm telling you, it gave the bathroom a modern look.

I applied this sometime in 2019, and it's been going strong ever since. The bathroom mirror has some imperfections in the corner of it, so it also helped with the little ugly part of the mirror.

Covering cabinets with wood grain peel-and-stick wallpaper

8. Cover your cabinets

Contact paper isn’t just a great resource for covering ugly countertops. You can use it to cover your cabinets too. It gives it an instant, and easily removable, upgrade for little cost.

You can discover more renter-friendly, peel-and-stick products here.

Installing the peel-and-stick tiles
Covering the floors with peel-and-stick tiles

9. Cover or clean floors

If your floors are ugly, simply cover them up. I'm using tiles that I purchased from Home Depot. It’s super easy.

But, if your budget doesn't allow you to go out and purchase new flooring for your rental, then you can simply clean your old grout lines using toilet bowl cleaner. I use the works in my kitchen and it made the biggest difference.

Making a DIY macrame wall hanging
Textured wall art

10. Hang textured wall art

I had this old shirt that I was about to donate, and then I looked at it, and I was like, oh my gosh, this would be amazing as wall art. So I took it apart, and I created this DIY macrame wall hanging.

Refreshing towels can upgrade a bathroom

Bonus Tip

Once a year, I like to go out with the old and in with the new, and refreshing your towels can really bring a new, fresh feel to your bathroom with little effort. Plus, they’re an easy way to bring in new colors and patterns to your space.

DIY renter-friendly bathroom makeover

DIY renter-friendly bathroom makeover

So, what do you think? I hope I’ve inspired you guys to create a spa-like bathroom with my tips for a renter-friendly bathroom makeover.

No matter if you're a homeowner or not, as long as you have the space and a little bit of imagination, you can change any bathroom. Whether it’s ugly or small, no matter what it looks like, you can turn any bathroom into something beautiful. And you can do it all on a budget.

Take on this bathroom challenge and just create a space that you love. Because when it's time to create that self-care routine, having a beautiful space to just relax in is so necessary. Share your favorite bathroom upgrades down below.

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