Designer's Tips for Decorating Your Spare Room

Whether it's an extra bedroom or a formal dining room your family will never use, having an empty spare room is just begging to be filled with boxes and junk. While this room may feel like a burden, think of it as an opportunity!

There are so many uses out there, it all depends on your family's activities. Here are three options for this one room to get you thinking:

Laundry Room

A spacious and luxurious laundry room with plenty of space for folding is not only a dream for the chore-doers in your family but also adds tremendously to the resale value! This whimsical chandelier is used to offset the straight lines of the rest of the space.

Entertaining Room

A room with plenty of dining seating, comfortable lounging areas, and a bar can be a great addition to the home of people who love to entertain. The use of colors in this space is used to energize and stimulate conversation.

Home Office

Even for those who don't work at home, who wouldn't love a calming, quiet room to escape and browse HomeTalk? When decorating a space used for calm and concentration, avoid colors that will distract you and opt for light neutrals. And make sure to include as much natural light as possible as this is easier on the eyes and will let you work longer!

Want More Ideas?

  • Library
  • Pet Grooming
  • Home Gym
  • Wine Room
  • Craft Room
  • Gardening Room

I hope one of these solutions inspired you! Have any more specialty room ideas? Let us know in the comments! 

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