Kitchen SOS: Conquering Cabinet Clutter With Smart Storage Solutions

Today, I'm tackling something a little outside my comfort zone: kitchen organization. It's honestly the most disorganized space in our house, which is a nightmare for my husband, the amazing chef of our family. He struggles to find things while prepping meals because everything's all over the place.

So, I called in my friend Denise from BeMyGuestwithDenise to help me whip this kitchen into shape!

As I mentioned, we do a lot of cooking and entertaining, and there was zero logic to where things were stored. Organized chaos, maybe?

I had a couple of utensil drawers, a drawer for knives and oven mitts, and an "overflow drawer" for everything else. Denise, bless her heart, had a different term for it: a huge mess.

She got me started by clearing everything out completely so we could begin with a clean slate. The first thing that struck me was all the duplicates!

Three ice cream scoops? A rusty one at that? Definitely time to purge. Guys, you don't need multiples of everything!

Next, Denise had me give all the drawers a good scrub to prep them for their new, functional layout.

We started by lining the drawers with these awesome IKEA drawer liners (around $8 a roll) to keep the organizers from slipping around.

We also found gorgeous bamboo knife organizers there – Denise measured the drawers beforehand so they'd fit perfectly.

Now, finding a knife is a breeze! Everything's laid out safely and efficiently.

On to the utensil drawer...oh boy, were those kids' spoons getting a little out of hand? I was holding onto some stuff for my nieces (under 3), but realistically, I don't need that many!

After a good purge, Denise suggested consolidating the two utensil drawers into one to make more space for all those knives. Brilliant!

With all the decluttering, we even had room for a new spice drawer! I wasn't sold on the containers in the store, but they actually work really well. They have rubber strips on the bottom to keep the spices from rolling around when we open and close the drawers.

All that's left is to alphabetize them – a fun project for the twins, I think! This is definitely my husband's favorite new feature in the kitchen zone.

Thanks to Denise's magic touch, our kitchen is so much more functional and enjoyable to use. I can't wait to see what else she has planned! Until next time, love and peace!

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