Spring Kitchen Refresh: Decor Styling Ideas & Inspiration

This is a kitchen refresh for our spring home decor. We'll remove the bunnies and add beautiful, bright, warm, and cozy spring decor. I'm going to add some simple touches for spring that will carry us towards summer.

Spring to Summer kitchen refresh: before of the kitchen

Styling my thrifted McCoy pottery bowl

Since this is a refresh, I am going to be reusing some of this decor, adding in just a few new touches, like this thrifted McCoy bowl. I am going to place it by my coffee maker to hold our fruit. This is something that we will use every single day.

Countertop vignette: warm, inviting and fresh

We're now going to work on styling this vignette here beside my cooktop, starting with this wooden tray that I picked up at Walmart for $20. It is going to anchor and be the base for all of this other decor; I found this little lamp at an estate sale for $6.50.

I cleaned it up and am switching out the lampshade, adding it to a smart plug that I can control from my phone for ease so that I don't have to reach behind all of my decor to turn it on and off.

This next item is actually a napkin holder, but I'm going to use it as a book stand. To refresh this space for spring, we're just going to move the cookbooks and give them a totally new look by stacking them in a napkin holder so that they are displayed and won't fall over.

Between my backsplash and all of the wooden elements, I have quite a bit of brown in my kitchen. To break that up, I am using a brass display stand to hold my blue and white peacock plate. This will add some much-needed color to this vignette.

To soften all of the harsh lines of the backsplash tile, the wooden tray, and the books, I'm going to tuck in some faux greenery in and around the other objects. The greenery will also tie into that green McCoy bowl carrying all of the colors throughout my kitchen.

In the mixer corner, I'm going to anchor everything with an oversized wooden tray.

It will perfectly hold my KitchenAid mixer. The best way to soften the industrial look of your KitchenAid mixer is to drape a beautiful towel out of the bowl. I found a blue and white towel at Hobby Lobby for $3.99.

Then, my favorite little spoon is going back into the mixing bowl. A vintage cookbook adds a beautiful splash of color that is warm and inviting. To carry on with the greenery, I am repurposing a little faux plant in a brass pot.

Styling inspiration: thrifted ironstone dishes & cozy decor

Now, I am going to start layering some of my favorite dishes here and create a little stack that will include a new thrift store find from Goodwill. I got Johnson Brothers ironstone dishes. I cleaned them up, and I'm going to incorporate them into my blue and white dishes.

Since I didn't leave room for my coffee syrup by the coffee maker, I'm going to place it with my coffee spoons.

The vintage cookbook was getting lost behind this vignette, so I replaced it with a floral picture frame and then moved it over into my napkin holder book stand. I want to display more of my dishes here by creating another stack with these bowls, incorporating the blue and white with those new white ironstone bowls.

In previous years, I had a little ceramic bird that I would place in the bowl like its nest, and then, to anchor it all down, I have this miniature cutting board.

Practical, simple, and pretty kitchen decor

I keep my supplements here in this wicker basket. It was taking up a lot more counter space than I cared for, so I'm switching it out for this smaller basket, but I want to keep it simply beautiful with this faux green plant.

I recently picked up a little tiny brass plate stand at an estate sale for $1. My sweet daughter-in-law gifted me this little plate. It is perfect. I'm going to tuck it here in the basket with my supplements to make it pretty.

Décor inspiration: top of fridge

On top of your refrigerator is another excellent place in your kitchen to add character and charm through home decor. I have this spring floral print. It has colors and vibes similar to that of the other floral print I used in my earlier vignette.

It makes it cohesive throughout my kitchen, and to prop it up, I'm just moving along divided basket off of my counter up here, tucking some more of that faux greenery into the basket, carrying on with all the colors of spring in this kitchen refresh.

Beautiful & simple peony arrangement

I found this container at Hobby Lobby and got it on sale for $11.49. These are some peony stems from Michaels. They were $6.99 a stem, which was a little pricey for my taste, but I did have a 25% coupon.

I think they are beautiful here in this white ceramic pot. I'm going to twist up the long stem so that it fits better down in this shallow pot and then just spread out all of the individual flower stems, working them down here into this pot so that they look organic and like that early spring feeling.

I needed more in this pot, so I'm taking some of this faux greenery I had. It is a light green and has a tint of pink to the leaves. It goes perfectly with these peonies. I'm going to use them as a filler and to hold the stems upright.

Little touches of gold: simple countertop vignette

I'm going to refresh this area with just a simple little update with my brass pot and a faux palm plant. I'm keeping it simple here because we do utilize this counter space often.

I have that $1.99 thrifted ironstone bowl that I am going to layer underneath that brass pot, carrying on that theme and cohesiveness of layering my dishes and taking that wooden riser and moving it up here under my new floral arrangement, just as a way to anchor it down.

Kitchen refresh

I hope you enjoyed this spring kitchen refresh as we decorated for after Easter going into the late spring months. Are you decorating for spring? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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  • Nancy Nancy on May 08, 2024
    I too have darker cupboards and counter similar. I love the touches you have added. They show beautifully. And to add all the finds at thrift stores make it more special. I love what you have done.!
    • Lesa | Uniquely Lesa Lesa | Uniquely Lesa on May 24, 2024
      Thank you for your kind comments! I'm so glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed the article. Have a wonderful weekend. XO