Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas For a New Season's Transformation

Today, it’s all about spring kitchen decor ideas. Are you ready for a spring kitchen transformation? Let’s go and I’ll show you what I did.

1. I painted my hood

One change I made is that I painted my hood to match the island and the doors. I was considering painting all of the lower cabinets green and painting the island back to white but it’s too ambitious of a project. This satisfies my need for some color in the kitchen.

2. Shelves

I springified my shelves with some glassware and white plates, bowls, and a pitcher. I love including books as a riser. By the way…I may paint my open shelves green, as well…but not today.

I added bunny plates and faux plants for a pop of color. The faux plants tie in nicely with the blush-pink containers.

3. Peg rack

I have a few everyday items for this peg rack to give it a spring look. I’m adding a blush napkin that will complement the blush pot. I also added a plain white towel and a green and white striped towel. I love hanging towels here because it’s a great way to conceal outlets and light switches.

I added a dainty little creamer pitcher to one hook.  Then I added a longer item–this cutting board–to the last hook to balance everything out. The cutting board visually lines up with the cutting board. Then I layered an adorable little cutting board with a bunny in front of the wood board.

To finish off this layering effect, I added a wood brush over the white dish towel to tie everything together.

4. Back counter corner vignette

I added this jug for something tall to the back of this corner first. But I gave it more visual height and a pop of color with white and blush florals that will tie everything together. I added some bunny dinner plates that I’m laying flat so I don’t overwhelm the space with the pattern.

I also put white plates and green bowls on top to soften it. I filled another white pitcher with wooden spoons and spatulas, then finished it off with a ceramic bunny.

In the end, I took away the bunny plates and pitcher with wooden utensils and put all white plates there. I then added a glass canister with a few eggs in colors to balance out the vignette.

5. Above the cooktop

I replaced the mirror and wreath I had hanging here with a piece of art from Etsy. I purchased the digital file and then had it printed out in a specific size, which you can do if you upload the file to an office supply store or even Walmart. It has blush pink, green, and white that complements everything else in this spring kitchen.

6. Second corner vignette

I’m using cookbooks angled as risers in this corner to mirror the vignette in the other corner. The books hold a white pitcher with utensils. Next to it, I put a smaller white pitcher with faux tulips.

7. Hood

I added a bit of spring to the hood by resting the white bunny on the top.

8. Cabinets

I gathered bowls and dishes I got last year from Goodwill plus some adorable bunnies and bunny cake plates to put in the open cabinets. I put two large plates on stands for a bit of balance and color.

9. Coffee station

I first added a ceramic tray to add as my anchor. Then I laid a dish towel on top and then a coffee mug tree. I added these bunny mugs that are more like creamers. I placed a glass canister with creamers to complete the station.

10. Second set of wall shelves

This set of wall shelves somewhat mirrors the first set on the other side of the kitchen.

11. Second peg rack

I duplicated as closely as possible what I put on the first peg rack.

12. Plate rack

This plate rack was a DIY project from a few years ago that transformed an otherwise boring blank wall. I filled it with woven chargers and white plates plus a few more bunny plates left over.

As a finishing touch, I added a hook on the rim and hung a blush napkin to tie everything together.

Spring kitchen decor ideas

I’m going to style the island for spring another day. What do you think of these spring kitchen decor ideas? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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