Cottage-Style Spring Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

It’s time to pull out all of my spring decorations and get ready for the coming season. I am starting with a blank slate in terms of spring decor pieces, but I did play a bit of musical furniture and got some rearranging done first.

It looks great already, so I’m really interested to see how it turns out once I put some of my spring decorating ideas to the test. Join me to see which spring decor ideas you want to incorporate most into your own home.

White living space

Before we get started, here is the before photo with the old furniture arrangement for your review.

White furniture

And here is the after.

Wicker chairs by the window

Now that you see what a big impact furniture placement has on a space, let's go ahead and bring this room to life. I know it looks like a lot of white at the moment, but the spring decor will really give the room the nature-inspired color that it needs.

Accent chairs and fireplace with a spring wreath
Pink and white floral arrangement in an urn

1. Wreath

First things first, I am adding a wreath to the artwork that I have above the fireplace.

2. Mantel

Taking a closer look at the mantel, I made some floral arrangements off-camera and added those on both sides of the mantel to create a sense of balance. I have pink wallflowers, white flowers, eucalyptus, and teeny tiny white stems arranged in my favorite white urns.

"Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" bunnies

Taking center stage are, "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" bunnies that I found in South Carolina probably fourteen years ago. I love these gold ones as well though, if you're looking for something similar.

Mantel with spring decor

Here is the finished look of the mantel.

Accent chair with throw and pillows

3. Accent chairs

On each chair, I layered a really pretty blush throw for a pop of color and then layered these beautiful green and beige pillow covers with a very simple white one.

Fireplace with spring decor

I like how it all ties in with what's going on up there on the mantel.

Pedestal on a table

4. Vignette

Next, I am creating a vignette. In the back, I have this beautiful pedestal.

Placing a lamp on the pedestal

I am placing a lamp on top of it to give it presence and obvious height.

Adding bunnies under the cloche

Under the cloche, I have our cute little bunnies protected in there. I have to protect them because for some reason my cat likes to chew on their ears. I don't know why. I’ve also added another pop of color with this little ribbon.

Florals in a vessel

Lastly, I am adding a floral arrangement with the same eucalyptus I used on the mantel and some bright pink flowers to add a pop of color on this side of the room.

Cute spring vignette

Here is the end result.

Wicker chair with a throw and pillow

5. Wicker chairs

On each wicker chair, I added a pillow that has the green, beige, and white accent colors that I've got around the room and layered a throw over the arm.

Wicker chairs with spring accents

Here is another angle to check out.

Framed spring print

6. Throw rack

Here's a closer look at the really pretty print that I downloaded and printed in the size that I needed. It has the perfect colors for what I'm going for, blush, green, and white.

Throw rack

Then down below that, I added the three throws, two simple white ones and then a green and white one. I didn't add any blush throws here only because I have the blush throws on the chairs. I didn't want to overwhelm the room with blush. Plus, I already have blush in the print.

Spring wall art

On the other side, I decorated the wall and throw rack exactly the same way but I mirrored the image, so I have the body of water on the left in the print on the left side and the body of water on the right in the print on the right side. It kind of tricks your eye a little bit.

Pink throw on a white sofa

7. Sofa

The first thing I did to the sofa was add a blush throw. This matches the ones that I layered on the accent chairs by the fireplace.

Green and white pillow

Next, I added my green and white pillow covers and they also match the ones on the accent chairs.

Solid white pillow

Then, I alternated the solid white pillows.

Bunny pillow

Lastly, I added the whimsical bunny pillow right in the middle (you can find a similar one here).

Sofa decorated for spring

The sofa is done. It looks great.

Coffee table with candles

8. Coffee table

So here I have my simple candle holders and battery-operated candlesticks. I love adding ambiance to a coffee table.

Tray of books

Of course, you want some books in there somewhere too, so I added them to a simple tray I had on hand. I like that I was able to bring in a bit of color with the books as well.

Green and white ceramic orb in a bowl

Next, I added a dainty bowl and then these green and white ceramic orbs.

Pink and white tulips

Lastly, I finished it off with a simple pitcher and faux tulips. Again, I have the pink, green, and white theme carried over to the coffee table as well.

Spring living room

This is another angle for your viewing pleasure.

Canisters with book pages inside

9. Bookshelves

You can see that I kept the canisters with the book pages that were already on the bookshelves.

Canister with textured orbs

But to the middle canister, I added these really pretty orbs that I had on hand.

Bunny plate on a stand

I also brought in a cute bunny plate and a faux plant. The plant is one of the things that I got for my birthday.

Bookshelves decorated for spring

Here is what it looks like from afar. The storage boxes are always there.

Dough bowl on a sofa table

10. Sofa table

On the sofa table, I started with a dough bowl.

Faux greenery in a dough bowl

Next, I layered a bit of faux greenery that I had on hand.

Fuzzy faux eggs

Then, I nestled these cute fuzzy faux eggs. I love the larger size of them. They almost look white, but they do have just a hint of pink to them.

Lamp beside the dough bowl

Lastly, on each side, I added a lamp.

Spring decor in a living room

Here is the finished room.

Spring decor

The green, white, and blush spring decor I set out today looks amazing. Paired with all the white furniture, walls, and trim work, these nature-inspired colors create a fresh spring look that feels clean and cozy.

Which of my spring decorations do you like most? Share your thoughts about my newly designed room in the comments section.

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  • Daisy@TX Daisy@TX on Apr 13, 2024
    Love "all" that you did!! I would like to have an all white decor one day. David if can't say something nice keep the "ugly" to yourself.
  • Roberta Banks Roberta Banks on Jul 08, 2024
    Love ALL your inspirations! Thank you for taking the time to share.