Summer Kitchen Decor With a Touch of Bees!

Hey sweet friends, welcome back to my home! If you're new here, my name's Rebecca. Welcome!

You might have seen me make my curtains recently, and here they are all hung up:

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I've cleaned everything up in the kitchen – but don't worry, I'm not showing you a cleaning video today.

So, everything's clean, fresh, and ready for summer! You know I love keeping things light, bright, and airy during the warmer months. It makes everything feel simple and allows for easier cleaning (perfect for all the summer activities!).

Now, let's get started on my summer decor!

For the shelves, I'm displaying some bee-themed items, including some adorable little bee skeps I made myself. I also have a honeycomb towel, a white riser, a cute bee mug, some bee-themed measuring spoons (sadly, one broke!), a honey dish, more bee towels in an olive bucket, and another little bee (not sure if I'll use it yet). This one wasn't thrifted, it's from Hobby Lobby's spring collection (probably on clearance!).

I also have some sunflowers, a jar with honey spoons, a bee sign from Hobby Lobby (I pick up bee stuff whenever I find it!), and this beautiful bee picture I got for just $9.99 at a booth. I added some blackberry stems to it (gotta cut that tag off!).

Let me show you how it all turned out on the shelves. On the top shelf, I have a cutting board with the measuring spoons hanging on it, the jar with the honey spoons, the new bee picture with the blackberry florals, and the bee and "B" sign.

On the next shelf, I added another cutting board as a backdrop, the little riser, the vase with the thistle, and my "Honey Bee Lane" sign (probably from Hobby Lobby years ago). There's also the bucket of towels.

Down at the bottom, I removed the chicken wire shelf I usually have and opted for something different for summer. I found this sturdy wire basket from Hobby Lobby (originally $50, but 50% off!). I've been using it for storage in my pantry, but it works great here too. I added a towel, the scale my sister gave me years ago, a honey jar, and an ironstone vase with yellow flowers to tie in with the floral curtains I made.

If you look closely, you can see the suncatchers my mother-in-law made hanging in the window. These are the ones I put up for spring and summer – I have some for each season that I'll share with you later.

Moving on to my coffee area, I added the little bee cup there. I'm cleaning my coffee pot now, but you might see a red KitchenAid in the corner. I actually ordered a cover for it on Amazon in a blue-and-white ticking fabric or a gray-and-white one.

Since I have gray grout in my tiles, I wanted the gray and white, but the blue was only $32 compared to $49.99 for the gray! I added it to my cart and waited a few days, hoping for a discount, and luckily, they offered 30% off! Unfortunately, it won't be here for a couple of days, but I'll show it to you in my next video.

For now, I have a white vase with daisies and blueberries for a light and airy summer touch.

Finally, let's look at the corner to the right of my stove. Here, I have a wicker tray, a small cutting board, and some new farm animals that I spray-painted white (love how they turned out!).

To the right of the stove, I also added a riser, some measuring spoons from Hobby Lobby (years ago), and my salt and pepper shaker from Amazon. That's it for my summer kitchen decor!

You can find links to some of the products featured in the video description box here.

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