Cute Ideas for Yard & Front Porch Decor for Spring

In case you missed how we gave our home a huge makeover recently, you simply must check it out. We've been getting tons of stares at the new changes ever since. To catch you up to speed, we updated our flower beds with hearty plants, and recently, we added some much-needed color to the exterior.

Then, we focused on collecting spring front porch ideas to take our home to the next level this upcoming season. Join me as I show off some incredible front porch decor for spring and give you new ideas for your home.

I was so excited to add some fun touches to the exterior of our home with some DIY spring front porch decor.

Fox gloves at a plant nursery

I love shopping at my local nursery. I just find that there's so much peace when I'm there, and there are so many benefits to shopping locally.

Selecting plants at a plant nursery

From my experience, nurseries typically offer healthier plants. Plus, the staff is very knowledgeable, and they answer any questions and concerns you have about pet and kid-friendly plants. That's a big one

Plants at a plant nursery

They usually have a money-back guarantee within a reasonable time frame as well.

Planters and potting soil in a car trunk
Placing the new plants along the house exterior

They loaded everything up in my car for me, and I got to work immediately.

After getting home, I played around with where I wanted the plants to go until I was pleased with their locations, making sure to space them two feet apart.

Red Drift roses

My mom chose these beautiful Red Drift roses that are ground cover. They come in bold colors, and they look beautiful dripped over a rock wall or an edge.

Pops of color with pink roses

I didn't want to bore you by showing us planting them, but what a huge difference color makes. Everything right now looks a little dinky because they are babies, but they will grow and spread out eventually.

Walkway with minimal plants

On the walkway, I didn't plant anything. I'm actually undecided. I don't know. Let me know what you guys think. Should I plant something there or not?

Front porch area

Can I just say that I'm so obsessed with our new front doors? We get tons of compliments on them all the time.

Colored welcome mat

I am so into layering rugs at our front door.

Layering welcome mats on top of each other

I start with the base layer then add something fun with a cute saying or something whimsical in an outdoor rug on top for visual interest.

Layered welcome mats

Here is how it looks when complete.

Bunny wreaths

On to adding something else that says spring is finally here, I got these two adorable bunny wreaths from At Home about three months ago.

Ribbon for the wreaths

I'm trying to decide which ribbon I'll use to hang them.

Command hanger

They did come with a built-in hanger, but I'm using two of the outdoor wreath hooks. You apply them like any other Command product.

Front foors with bunny wreaths

They turned out adorable. Now this says spring.

Trellis wall planters

I always get questions about my wall planters, and I've had them for years. They are from the flea market, and they make such a statement.

Adding plants to the wall planters

Planters are very personal. There are so many ways to mix and match them with color.

Planters with faux flowers

There is no way that I will remember to water them so I opted for faux plants that look realistic. I got them from Ross.

Spring front porch ideas

Looking for some new front porch decorating ideas for spring? Look no further than my house. I hope you have enjoyed taking a quick tour and now have some ideas about which types of front porch decor for spring you are interested in most.

What do you envision for your front porch? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  • All43254379 All43254379 on Mar 07, 2024
    I have 4 window boxes and people stop and tell me they are beautiful. Decorate for the holidays ☺️
  • Melinda Melinda on Mar 29, 2024
    I second the faux flower strategy. My area is very lush, and insect control is a priority. I opted for plastic flowers in outside areas near our entrances so nothing can lay eggs and hatch except spiders.