Summer Porch Decor: Tips For Decorating Your Outdoor Space

Welcome to the front of my house, where I'll be showing you my summer porch decor. We fenced our property so the deer wouldn't eat my flowers. I'll start off and show you my flowers.

This is the full view of my porch from the yard.


The deer ate all of my beautiful little puffs of hydrangeas that I had in the garden, so we are starting new.

I have beautiful elephant ears that I love, they grow so tall.

My roses have finally been able to grow and bloom along with my hostas. Thanks to the fence, they've been able to grow without any interference.

My pride and joy are in the lantana that I planted years ago because deer don't like lantana.

One stem is already over five feet tall, and they bloom so beautifully, and they're so full.

Front porch area

I'll take you up on the front porch now, and we'll start with my wreath on the door.

I love hydrangeas, and everybody knows that my favorite color is blue, so that's my wreath. I added different colored ribbons to it if I wanted to keep it for the following year.

These beautiful indoor outdoor accent rugs that I have on the front porch came from Amazon.


I purchased my peacock from HomeGoods. She was $89.99, and when I saw her, I fell in love with her.

I am going to call her Polly the Peacock.

She stands about 4 feet tall. There were other colors there, but I thought that this one could go throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

My house is painted a steel blue, and we have handmade shutters. I stained them a dark wood and I have oak wood rockers.

I have my porch clock.

I love clocks. So I saw this clock at a thrift store, and I think it was about ten dollars in value. It goes so perfectly with the shutter.

So, moving along, We have more chairs. When I look down the length of the porch, it is so pretty.

Porch plants

My husband was at Home Depot and saw these gorgeous planter arrangements. He sent me a picture of this beauty, and these were $49.99, so I got two of them. I knew they would be perfect for the porch.

Moving along, I have some greenery hanging over the lamps, followed by my favorite sign.

That's so important right there to ward off anything terrible from coming into my house. God bless our home.

I also have my wreath. I love it because of the neutral colors. I just changed out the ribbon that I put on it for the different seasons.

There's other potted flowers, and of course, we have the greenery on this other side of the door—these are the ones I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

The rest of the porch has the indoor-outdoor rugs we saw when we stepped up on the porch. They're not covered on my porch, but I don't have any problems with the rain or anything; they were perfect for this year's colors.

Last but not least, we have the other end of the porch.

I found a cute little sign in the Dollar Tree.

They have a section now that has three and five-dollar things in it. So I purchased the sign there, and it says hello to summer. I think I paid $5 for it, and that color yellow wasn't as bright as I wanted, so I just stopped in the Hobby Lobby, got myself some paint, and colored the letter U to fit and match the color of my accent pillows in the chairs.

Next to it is a little tree that consists of some sticks that I picked from my yard a long time ago.

We were having trees cut, so I use it every year for spring. I decorated it for Christmas, and it serves its purpose.

View of the porch

This is just an overall view of my spring-summer porch. Look at all of my flowers.

I love to sit out here. I mean, we're not surrounded by anybody. I can sit out here in my pajamas and drink some tea, wine, water, or whatever, and rock and relax.

This is the last section that I wanted to show you.

Isn't this beautiful? This was a bench that a neighbor of mine had who sold her property, so I had my husband go to her house and ask her what she was going to do with that bench, and she said that I could have it. I took it, sanded it down, and painted it to fit my porch colors. The Hello Summer cushions came from Tuesday Morning, and I'll be adding one more.

I just took my time getting my porch the way I wanted it. I painted it, added some flowers, and voila! Everything looks so vibrant and pretty now because the deer are not eating my flowers.

My flag came from Amazon; I love the colors.

The pole has always been here. I didn't have anything on it, but now I have a cute summer flag.

Summer porch decor

I hope you enjoyed a view of my summer porch decor. I love it out here. Do you have a front porch? What is your favorite decor on your front porch? Share in the comments below.

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