Conquering Clutter: 3 Ways to Style Collected Treasures

Do you ever feel like your collection of pots, containers, furniture – you name it – has taken over your space? I'm going to show you three ways to style all that stuff so it looks collected, curated, and totally put-together.

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Let's take a look at this area. We've got a cool firewood teepee as a permanent fixture, but the blank fence on either side and the empty concrete slab below definitely need some attention.

Look 1

For the first look, I grabbed a fiddle leaf fig tree to fill the space on the right side of the fence, and a colorful hanging basket for some pop of color on the left. There was still some empty space under the hanging basket, so I used two matching round metal tubs to give a fern some height.

I flipped over an oblong basin to create a low bench. To add some contrast, I threw in plants and containers in different colors and textures next to it, breaking up all the galvanized gray. A pretty garden stool on the other side balances the height without having to match the color or texture of the left side. Finally, a bench pad makes the whole thing look super inviting.

Look 2

Now, for the second look! We're starting with the same lonely teepee, but this time I used the garden bench as a plant stand for the fern, filling that empty space on the fence. I placed a chair in front, and then used three planters of various sizes and heights filled with different textured plants to soften the concrete area. Decorative pillows on the chair finish off the look.

Look 3

Alright, last but not least, let's take everything away and start fresh. I hung the large hanging fern basket from a hook on the fence and added two matching chairs on either side of the teepee for symmetry. Matching chair pads keep things balanced, but mismatched pillows add personality. I moved the garden stool in between the chairs and filled the space with planters in various colors and textures.

Now let's compare all three styles side-by-side. What did you like about each one? Use your preferences as a guide for your next project! Hopefully, you noticed a few key things: balance of height, color, and texture, as well as layering all these elements together.

So there you have it – three ways to style one small space with just the things I had lying around the house. I hope you feel inspired to tackle your own cluttered corners!

Until next time, this is Catherine from Simple Honest Design.

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