Behind the Scenes: How to Turn a Spacious Patio Into an Intimate Oasis

Hey everyone, Catherine here. Today, I'm giving you all the details on the amazing back patio makeover I just finished for Ben and Danielle Hill. Let's jump in and see what we did!

We wanted to create a super cozy patio area, even though the space itself is actually quite large.

So, I started by adding a conversation space with a modern sofa. I kept the throw pillows mostly solid-colored, but mixed in a striped one for some visual texture – you know, that layering I always talk about! And of course, we have a fire ring – perfect for those upcoming fall nights when everyone wants to gather around the flames.

I love adding big, comfy chairs to conversation sets, and these are styled to the max with pillows and accessories.

There's even a really cool textured blanket with a pop of pink – a color you'll see again on a pillow on the sofa, tying the whole space together.

Moving on, we have this awesome round table from World Market. I love its unique octagonal shape and the natural wood finish adds some visual interest.

To add height and color, I used candles in different sizes and colors, including a blue and white one with a perforated design for extra texture.

Now, this next part is one of my favorites! We brought in this bright blue pot with a lime hydrangea in it. It really pops and draws your eye right into the center of the space. Any other color pot would have made everything feel flat.

Finally, we have this large dining table. This might be my favorite piece of furniture in the entire design! It's got a concrete top, which grounds the space with all the other brown and white tones going on. To me, it pulls the cushion color over to this area and makes everything feel really cohesive.

Danielle absolutely loves this lattice planter overflowing with English ivy. We used a mix of variegated and solid green plants for some variety.

And to create that intimate feeling I was going for, I wanted a wall of green. So, we planted these Japanese Podocarpus trees along the perimeter. They'll grow nice and tall, making the space feel cozy, but we'll keep them trimmed so they don't get out of control. Below them, there's plenty of room for seasonal flowers, adding even more personality and pops of color.

Basically, we created three distinct living spaces within this large patio, but they all feel connected and part of the whole design. That was the main goal here! I hope you enjoyed this peek behind the scenes, and that you picked up some tips for your own outdoor space. Until next time, this is Catherine from Behind the Simple.Honest.Design!

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