How I Decorate Mantel & Living Room For Summer

Come along as I add some new items to my living room area. I hope I inspire you to decorate your own home for the summer season. Although I generally decorate with a lot of stuff for fall and Christmas, I like to allow my house to breathe for the summer with less decor.

1. Real life

Before we start, I have to address a question that someone asked me in the comments. They wanted to know if someone lived in my home since it looked so clean and neat. Well, I do clean up my home when I make content, but I can assure you we live in our home. Here’s a photo of our ice cream bar that was picked over last night. (above)

Here’s my kitchen. Most of the time it is this neat. I pick up and put things away every evening and every morning.

But my dining room table is pretty messy. It’s where  I have coffee, edit videos, and do my work for pricing items for my booth. It’s just a big mess! Real life! But we do believe everything has a place and there’s a place for everything.

2. Console table summer decor

I like to hide the wires with my plants as you can see there on the tale. I added a thrifted little basket topped with a little boat and oars. I added some vases from Hobby Lobby and a photo of us in Hawaii.

Next to the table, I have my lantern with a vase of hydrangeas inside of it.

3. Mantel summer decor

I took everything off the mantel and fireplace to start from scratch. I decorate for the summer very minimalist because that’s how I like it.

I like symmetrical design so I got two vases and matching greenery with light yellow blossoms, all from Hobby Lobby. The vases are metal though they look ceramic!

This sage green clock was thrifted and it works! I love to hear the soothing ticking of the clock in the quiet of the summertime. I added black candlesticks. That’s it! It’s super simple and I like it like that for the summer.

4. Fireplace summer decor

I have had this basket for several years and I added a lightweight blanket in it plus my new light yellow pillow covers.

I topped my riser with a metal birdhouse from Hobby Lobby but it may not stay there. For now, it’s cute there.

I hung this basket on the stone wall. I can also hang it on my door with florals.

5. End table summer decor

Nothing dramatic is changing here. I just added a wicker basket and two little vases.

6. New pillows and covers

I bought 20-inch down feather pillows and added a light yellow ticking striped pillow cover.

7. Second end table summer decor

I have something new for my other end table. I found a woven wicker vase at our grocery store.

Here it is, as simple as it is for summer!

Do you like minimal summer decor, too? Or do you like decorating for summer differently? Let me know in the comments what you think.

You can find some of these items I used today in my video in my Amazon storefront under the summer section…(Some links allow for me to earn a small commission, no extra charges to you at all).

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