How to Create a Tall Flower Arrangement For Your Home or an Event

If you're a little bit nervous about how to create a tall floral arrangement, don’t worry. I'm going to show you how to put one together that'll be super easy.

I'm going to start with my tulip vase. I want to put these glass beads into this vase carefully.

Then I’m going to add water to the vase.

The first flower I'm going to put in here is an amaranthus. It is way too tall, so I'm going to trim the stem.

I will be using three of the amaranthus stems, so now that I have the right length for the first one, I am using it to cut the second two stems to roughly the same length. If they're not perfect, don't stress about that.

You want to get your flowers the day before your event and sometimes you can soak them in just a little bit of warm water if you want a certain flower to open up a little bit more. You should also do your arrangement the day before so you're not stressed the day of. Lesson learned on my part.

The next flower I'm going to add is a blue delphinium, and this is going to be my height of the flower.

I don't need all of these flowers and I don't ever want to waste any, so I'm going to pull them off and put them in a little teeny pitcher for right now. I may put them in another small vase and somewhere else in the house later on.

I'm going to stick it in to determine my height. I can already tell that I like that one just perfectly.

Next, you want to pull any flowers off that have died or that look bad.

I'm really lucky that I can do a bigger arrangement out here because we have a high ceiling, so this is going to be how tall I'm going to do the arrangement.

Now, I'm just going to fill in with other flowers. The next flower is going to be a white hydrangea. I'm only going to add one because you have to keep in mind with this type of vase, we don't have a lot of room for multiple stems.

But I do love the fact that a hydrangea will take up a lot of space in the arrangement.

One of the bride's favorite flowers is a peony, and she's actually going to use that in her bridal bouquet. So, of course, I'm going to have to add some to this arrangement.

I'm going to pull the green leaves off very gently, and then we're going to add to the arrangement.

Now we're ready to start filling in the arrangement. I'm going to do two for this bridal shower because we're going to put the cake in the middle. I have three peonies to use, and I'm going to try to put them in a triangular position so that's even all the way around.

The next flowers I want to add are called spray roses.

Now let me tell you something the florist told me that blew my mind. I was asking her how to get some of these flowers to come out more and she said to add some hot glue. To real flowers? And she said yes, it'll work.

So that's what we're going to do.

I'm just going to add some hot glue right there on the stem.

So here's where I've added the glue. That helps the stem come out. It's been cut at the bottom and in fresh water so by tomorrow, these will open up a little bit.

Now remember to make sure the base of each flower is in water. If it's not in water at the moment, I can add more later. Don't worry, just don't forget to add water.

The next flower we're going to add is called alstroemeria. This is one of my very favorite flowers.

One, because it's so dainty and beautiful, and it makes a perfect filler. Two, it lasts forever. If I go to take flowers to somebody and I make an arrangement, I'll do alstroemeria. They will last up to almost two weeks, and they are very inexpensive, so that's why I love them. But that's what we're going to add to this arrangement and fill in a bit more.

Make sure you pull off the leaves on the alstroemeria. They're very heavy-loaded all the way down the stem, but you can keep a couple at the top.

I'm going to glue these in as well and don't worry about the fact that you can see a little bit of glue. We're going to fix that in a minute.

The last thing we're going to add is called Italian ruscus. The florist told me that this would last for weeks. So this is what I'm going to do to add a little bit of whimsy to this arrangement and hide where we did a little bit of hot gluing. I'm gently going to bend that and tuck it in. Oh my goodness! That is gorgeous.

Normally I would trim off these little branches so I could tuck them in the vase, but I'm not going to do that because keeping them on when I tuck them in hides where we hot glued the flowers.

I want to add another natural element. I love willow branches and I want to fill in right around here to bring that delphinium close to the other flowers.

Now I'm just going to add enough water so that every stem is covered.

I think if I could play with flowers every single day and flower arranging, I would.

Tall floral arrangements

If you're making an arrangement for somebody or for an event, don't stress out. They're going to be beautiful. You're using real flowers. However it turns out, it's going to be stunning. And whoever you make it for will appreciate the time and the love that you put into it.

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