Spring Living Room Ideas: Glam Decor in White & Gold

Looking for spring living room ideas to spruce up your home? Today I’ll be hosting a decorate with me and putting out some new spring living room decor. I know for sure that you will be walking away with some exciting new spring living room decor ideas that you can take with you.

I'm going to start by bringing out this ginger jar. I got this from Inspire Me! Home Decor, and I’m going to take the lid off for this design.

I'm going to go ahead and bring out some florals next. I'm using florals that I already had at home and am adding them to this vase.

All right, I kept it kind of simple using some beautiful white flowers for springtime.

I see a lot of people put these lids like this, and I also like to incorporate the lid into the decor, so that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Next, I am bringing out my flower candle holders.

I'm going to set them right here. I'm being careful not to put anything in front of the TV that will block our view.

These are my extra-long candles. I got these at HomeGoods.

I love these. I think that the extra length makes it look so elegant.

Of course, I don't want anything that is too high in the center of my console so for me, the perfect thing to bring out is a bowl. This one was gifted to me by someone who loves home decor as much as I do.

It has agate stones on it, and you know that I am loving the gold. It also has a marble base on it, so this is truly a stunning bowl.

I'm just going to take it and set it right here in the middle.

To complete this look, I am pouring in some chocolate eggs that I got from Dollar Tree.

This is simple and elegant, but it needs a little something more to me. I'm a big and bold kind of girl, and I fall more on the maximalist side, so I am going to add just a little bit something more.

I feel like birds are always appropriate for spring, so I'm going to incorporate these beautiful gold birds. I remember seeing things like this when I was a young girl, and I absolutely love them. I got them from a thrift store a while back.

I think that these were just what I needed to add a little something more to this space.

Moving right along, we're going to work on this area next.

The first thing I'm going to do is bring out this pretty gold vase from HomeGoods.

I'm going to take it, and I'm just going to set it right here.

To our vase, I'm going to use these. They are vintage florals, and I think that they are beautiful. I got them from a thrift store.

So I’m going to take these and add them to our vase.

This little beauty here was found at HomeGoods. I think that she is just stunning.

I am setting her down right here like this. This girl makes a statement all on her own.

However, I think I will take her up a notch since a girl always has to have her accessories, so now I am going to add this piece here, which is actually the bottom part of a ceiling fan and use it as a bowl.

I also have this foam wreath that I got at HomeGoods and added a gold ribbon from Hobby Lobby. See how pretty that is? I tied a bow on each end, and I'm going to take this and set it right here on top of the bowl.

Lastly, I am taking my pretty little girl and setting her in the middle of this bowl. Look at her. She is all dressed up. Isn't she stunning? I absolutely love her.

Now, I’m ready to do my loveseat.

I brought out my new pillows from Homegoods, and I set them right there. I love these pillows. I think they're so luxe, and I love the grayish-beige color that they are.

To finish it off, I have placed this yellow throw across the armrest. This will kind of give you an indication of my spring colors in here.

Here on the sofa, I’m going to add two of the same pillows. I was so happy to get more of these pillows. I had the first two for about two, maybe three years, so I was so happy to be able to find two more.

These round accent pillows incorporate more of that yellowish-gold color that I'm using here this spring, and you've probably seen these at Hobby Lobby.

Let me show you a closer look at the curtains I hung up last night. These were absolutely the inspiration for this spring's colors here in the living room. They have these beautiful birds on them. I absolutely love these. I ordered these online from HomeGoods.

All that's left for me to do is the coffee table. I have trays in two different sizes. I got these from Tuesday Morning. I absolutely love the detail on them.

I set them one on top of the other to create a unique shape.

Next, I'm setting my pretty mirror box on top. I got it from HomeGoods.

I'm going to come in with some spring florals from Hobby Lobby next by taking them and putting them inside the box.

The last thing I'm going to add to my coffee table vignette is my blessed sign which I absolutely love. It’s another HomeGoods find.

Spring living room decor

Thank you for joining me today as I decorated my home for spring. The spring decorating ideas for living rooms that I have shared with you today can work in any home and on any budget.

I love having options so share your own spring living room ideas below in the comments.

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  • Pat Pat on May 10, 2024
    Love it. I love decorating but I don't have the imagination to pull it off. Do you mind if I borrow yours? I have several things I can use, and they'll be gold as soon as I dig out my spray cans. Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas.
  • Suzanne Dickson Suzanne Dickson on May 16, 2024
    I used to be an everything silver kind of girl. As I've gotten older I've found that I am gravitating towards warmer metallics like bronze, copper and gold. I don't have anywhere near the beautiful decorations as you do, but I have a few and have even painted a couple of pieces gold or copper. Everything you've done is really beautiful, I just like to pair mine with black. Not really spring like though, is it? 😄