Timeless Spring Decor Ideas For an Entryway & Living Room

Today, I'm going to finally be starting my spring decor. I'm excited because there are lots of new things in the entryway. There are also some new things here in the living room.


So this is what my entryway looks like at the moment, and it has been completely transformed.

We added shiplap all around and we got a new console table and decor.

This console table has been on my wish list for over three years, so I can't believe it's finally something I can enjoy at home.

We'll get into styling, and the first thing I'm going to do is add one of my favorite purchases of this year, which is this McGee & Co. decor lamp.

It is so beautiful, and I did find it cheaper on the direct supplier site.

Moving on to the opposite side, I'll be adding my vintage confit pot along with these gorgeous super-realistic faux magnolia stems which were under $8 each.

Of course, we can never go wrong with some book stacks, so I went ahead and added this Manolo Blahnik book and then the Art of Home book right on top, and I also found this beautiful large beaded garland at HomeGoods, so I just went ahead and layered that right on top.

If there's one thing I can't go without on my console table, it is going to be a candle.

I added a little bronze metal tray from last year's Target collection and then I added a candle on top.

Last but not least, I completed the look with ottomans that I also got from Target.

Living Room

Moving on to my living room, I finally found the sofa of my dreams, and one thing that I noticed is that one of the biggest trends for 2024 is going to be these ruffled couches.

I was able to get this sofa for under $600.

It is a discontinued sofa from IKEA called the Farlov, and you can buy it secondhand. That's what I did. I paid $200 for it and bought the cover separately; I believe that was around $300. So it ended up being about $600, give or take, and you have the sofa of your dreams. So, that is my newest addition to my living room.

For extra seating I added two ottomans next to the coffee table.

Then, moving on to the coffee table, I added some books here.

Some people don't like styling with books, but I think it's perfect and minimal.

Then I added a candle on top and a little brush decorative object from Target, and then to add that spring touch, I added a clear vase with some water and some faux curly stems from Hobby Lobby.

Moving on to the opposite side, I recently got these chairs about a month ago.

They're from Article, and they are so comfortable. They're so big. They might be a little too big for this space, but I don't care because they are so comfy and the perfect chair for family get-togethers. My whole family fit in these two chairs. So they're like little mini couches, each one, and they're so comfortable. They swivel, and my kids love to spin in them.

This is the finished living room.

Spring decor ideas for an entryway and living room

So that is my spring decor for my entryway and living room. I've given these areas a fresh look, ready for a new season. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite part of this spring decorating with me was.

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