Try These Glam Kitchen Decor Ideas in Black, White & Gold

Today, I’m going to show you the kitchen decor in my new home. I decorated three different spaces in my new kitchen with both new and existing items. You’ll see how I implemented these kitchen decorating ideas and how they turned out.

Now, down the line, I’ll change the knobs of the cabinets and maybe put some glass fronts in but this is just a start. The kitchen is warm and inviting so I don’t want to undo that by painting cabinets black like I had in my other house. But first things first–let’s get started with these three kitchen zones.

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Coffee station area

1. Coffee station

I started off with this little area on the corner which was perfect for my coffee station.

Cake stand
Cake plate and sign on the counter

Cake plate and sign

I added a little gold cake plate ($34.99) I found at a boutique store that was not a thrift store. I love this antique gold and long stem. I added my favorite sign that says “Bless This Home” on the countertop.

Quilted coffee mugs
Coffee station with mugs

Coffee mugs

I added in these beautiful coffee mugs. They are huge–they each hold about 12 or 16 ounces of coffee. But I love the quilted decoration on the cups. I placed them on top of the cake plate. The gold trim of the cups goes perfectly with the gold on the cake plate. And I love mixing black and white whenever I can because it looks so elegant together.

Black and gold jar


I added a lidded jar that’s black and gold. It’s just so dainty and I am going to use it to hold a faux floral arrangement that I mostly bought from Hobby Lobby.

Leaf plate
Gold spoons

Leaf serving platter

I added in a white leaf serving platter set ($14.99) that I found at a thrift store. I added three small gold spoons on the serving platter.

Black and white hen


Here is my little black and white hen with her silver beak. She watches over the kitchen. She was $14.99.

Coffee station decor
"Bless This Home" sign

It’s simple, elegant, and totally functional. I didn’t want the coffee station to be too fussy. I just wanted it to be pretty to look at when I walked into the kitchen. My K-cups are in the top drawer.

Breakfast nook cabinet

2. Breakfast nook cabinet

There was this little space with a strange indentation in the wall. Right away I knew what I wanted to do with it. But it took me a while to find the right size for what I needed. I finally found this pretty little black cabinet on clearance at the store Tuesday Morning that was the perfect size to fit the space and it doesn’t stick too far out.

Gold tray
Creating a vignette with kitchen decor

The cabinet’s vignette

Now I can create the vignette. I found this unique gold tray as an accent piece next to the gold lamp. I added a small floral arrangement in front of the tray.

Yellow dish cloth
Yellow kitchen towel

Kitchen towel

I found a pretty yellow set of kitchen towels at HomeGoods ($6.99 or $7.99) that goes perfectly on the cabinet for a pop of color.

Black mug with a gold handle
White mug with a gold handle

Special coffee mugs

This beautiful pair of coffee mugs and spoons came from Amazon and they are so detailed with the delicate flowers and golden, beaded handle. I added a little spoon holder that I got from Amazon, too.

Creating a breakfast nook vignette
Black, white, and yellow kitchen decor

I love this look and it’s extremely functional. I use everything every day. It’s a very flexible piece of furniture. One day I may make this my coffee station.

White stones
Gold spray paint
Spray-painting the stones gold

3. Breakfast nook decor

For my breakfast nook decor, I made a centerpiece using six to seven bags of decorative white rocks. I took them outside and spray-painted them gold. I liked the shiny metallic gold better. I painted and stirred a ton of times until everything was nearly covered. I like the little flecks of white.

Placemats on a table
Gold and glass jar
Candle centerpiece

Creating the centerpiece

I use overlapped three-round gold placemats to put under my three-piece centerpiece holder. I have a set of large glass candle holders with vintage gold accents that I bought at Tuesday Morning.

I love big and bold pieces like these. I put the candle holders on top of the glass bowls on the display piece, added candles, and then accented the centerpiece with gold stones.

Black, white, and gold centerpiece

Doesn’t this gold centerpiece make the most lovely evening glow?

Kitchen decor ideas

I hope you were inspired by some of my kitchen decorating ideas. Now my new house feels like a home. What do you think about my kitchen decor so far? Do you love gold accents as much as I do? Let me hear from you in the comments.

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  • Rose Rose on Jan 04, 2024
    Your dress is great. Your taste in items is great. The coffee l believe needs to stay in the kitchen. The black cabinet needs no new knobs. They would take away from it and make it look more cluttered. I think you have too many items in the first two and the table arrangement l.thinknneefs a color to make it pop. You have a knack for choosing unique beautiful items. But there are so many together. Hopefully this is the home you will.neber move away from because it has so much space. Keep on truckin' because the wheels on your vehicle are leading you to success and making you happy. God bless
  • Love how the gold and black make your granite look much nicer!