Minimalist & Intentional Spring Living Room Decor Ideas

Let’s manifest the springtime vibe today with some spring living room decor ideas. My goal is to be more minimal and intentional with my purchases. It can be exhausting to constantly move decor from here to there in boxes.

Come with me and I’ll show you my very simple spring decor ideas.

Disclaimer: I may receive a small affiliate commission from purchases made via links in this article but at no cost to you.

Baby’s breath arrangement

1. Baby’s breath arrangement

I’m going to start creating the focal point of my living room. I want to bring in florals for the spring season and as I was scrolling on social media, I noticed a post with a beautiful large pot filled with tons of flowers in it. I’m not sure what flowers they used in that post, but it inspired me.

I chose a small vase and bought bunches of baby’s breath from Trader Joe’s to make my arrangement full and lush. I pulled apart all the branches and criss-crossed them inside the vase so they spread out to create a wispy look.

Placing the small vase inside a larger planter
Then I brought out a very large pot and put the small vase inside of that. Doing this gives the baby’s breath a pretty, wispy, airy look to it. The arrangement looks very different than it would if you inserted the baby’s breath directly into the larger vase.

Baby’s breath in a planter
Just the baby’s breath themselves makes such a big statement in my living room.

Decorative book boxes
Baby’s breath arrangement on a coffee table

2. Coffee table

I added decorative boxes to the coffee table. I love these because you can hide remotes in them. These faux books look like designer books for half the price.

Marble tray with a candle and candle snuffer

On the other side, I added a marble tray from Target, styled with a plate, a candle, and a candle snuffer.

Book with a magnifying glass
On the other corner, I added a thrifted book and magnifying glass.

Framed print on a console table

3. Console table

I started with a beautiful art print I found on Etsy.

Print on glossy paper

I printed it out on glossy paper and then brushed matte Mod Podge over the print.

Applying matte Mod Podge in criss-cross strokes

I brushed it on using criss-cross strokes. I let it dry to make it a little more antique-like.

Adding wispy faux cosmos florals to the vase

I added a black vintage vase and candlestick to the table. I added two springs of faux cosmos florals from Hobby Lobby to the vase to create a wispy look. I find my vintage vases in various places, like small shops, Facebook Marketplace, and Etsy.

Ladder with a throw blanket

4. Entryway

I have a ladder from Hobby Lobby that I placed next to my window in the entryway.

White tulips in the entryway

Then I changed out the mirror and added fresh white tulips, candlesticks, and faux candles on the console table in the entryway. To finish the vignette I added a paper mache bowl and lamp. I want to keep my entryway minimal.

Spring living room decor

I hope you found some inspiration in my minimal spring living room decor. I am especially happy looking at the tulips I used for my spring entryway table decor.

Let me know in the comments what you think about my choices for spring decorations.

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  • Debbie Debbie on Mar 01, 2024
    Enjoyed that. I have baby breath now and I’m gonna change it from the pot that it’s in and do that. I totally agree. I move things around and when people come to my house, they’re always amazed that I change, but I am starting to get tired and this year I also am going to be a minimalist And decorating
  • Joelene DeFranco Joelene DeFranco on Mar 01, 2024
    Lovely. If your magnifier is going to reflect sun a fire may occur.