Spring Living Room Decor: 4 Places to Decorate

We are doing spring living room decor here in my living room. I have already done some decorating here for spring. I'm going to walk you through today and show you step by step how I simply transformed this room for spring.

I went with a very light and airy feel with some greens and different textures along those lines to give it that natural, earthy feel that we love here in our home.

1. Fireplace area

We're going to be starting with our fireplace. I wanted to keep this very simple and minimal for spring.

I will use a large basket from Target last year, my olive tree, and a clock that is a Target clearance find from last year. I also have some battery-operated candles and candlesticks.

The last thing I use is a little faux hearth and hand plant. My whole goal for the fireplace was to keep it minimal and simple. I did not want to overdo it because I typically have a lot in this corner.

I will have a blanket ladder, a chair, and things of that sort, and I will layer many pieces in. For spring, I just really wanted to keep it light and fresh here and not have a lot of clutter.

2. Hall tree

Moving along to the next area, we will decorate the hall tree and the overall wall on which the hall tree is. When it comes to the hall tree, I like to keep some things on the top to give some visual interest up there and to have a little bit of decor for each season to tie the whole room together.

For the hall tree for spring, I have some more black candlesticks. I also have a piece of landscape art. This one looks a little bit antique and vintage. It's actually from Hobby Lobby. I paired it with some thrifted books and a faux plant stacked on top, and then for the shiplap wall that the hall tree is on, I'm going to make a little wall collage.

I have a few photos of our engagement and wedding, and then I will layer some more landscape and still-life art from Hobby Lobby.

3. Console table

The next area we will work on is the wall with my console table. This is probably my favorite area to decorate each season. I always love to make large statements on this table with vases and flowers and keep candles on it.

This large statement vase is from Hobby Lobby, and the floral stems inside of it are from a couple of years ago. I love those less-is-more large statements. That way, you can make one statement and are good to go and don't have to use many items.

As far as the rest of the table goes, I'm just going to be layering in more of those black candlesticks and the battery-operated candles to flow with the rest of the room.

On the opposite side of this table, I have some book boxes. These are also from Hobby Lobby. They add a lot of definition and character to a space, and they are also very practical because, again, they are storage boxes so we can keep remotes, cords, and things like that in them.

On top of the boxes, I decided to add a little faux plant. This is something I've had for several years now. I also have a candle husher, a plant saucer, and a candle from Aldi.

4. Seating area

This is our seating area. We have two love seats, a faux leather couch, and our coffee table. On the couches, I wanted to keep the pillows very refreshing and light in color and add those green pops as well. So, these two pillows I'm using on these love seats are pillow covers. One of them is an ivory and khaki stripe, and the other one is a green linen

Regarding the coffee table, I have a wicker basket that's more of a tray style, and inside, I will place some Magnolia journals. I also have a flower arrangement in a distressed vase from Hobby Lobby, and the flowers inside are thrifted from a couple of years ago.

I have my blanket ladder behind one of our gray loveseats in a corner. So, to tie everything in, I added a little wicker hanging basket with some more flowers inside to finish the room.

Spring living room

I'm really loving how the living room and the areas around it turned out. Everything was kept very simple and minimal, but it feels like spring here. I love bringing that outdoor feel inside with the faux plants and lighter colors.

It just feels very refreshing, especially after the winter months. We can now open our windows and let some fresh air in, which is relaxing.

I hope my spring living room decor gave you some ideas for your home. My favorite area is the console table. Let me know what your favorite piece is in the comments below.

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