10 Cozy Winter Living Room Decor Ideas & How to Style Them

I hope you'll join me today as I continue adding winter decor around the house.

Our sunroom is set right off of our kitchen, and I am constantly switching this room from a breakfast room to a sitting room and back to a breakfast room again.

Today, I will be putting some of my winter decorating ideas for a living room to the test and adding winter living room decor to my sunroom to make it feel extra cozy this holiday season.

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Planked walls

1. Planked walls

One of the things we did soon after moving in was planking the walls in here. And while I know a lot of people say planking or shiplap is no longer on trend, we love it. I don't see us taking it down anytime soon.

Oversized chandelier

2. Oversized chandelier

Another thing we added was this oversized chandelier. We love it. Our friend Colt raised it up higher for us a couple of years ago to make room for a Christmas tree, but we really need to bring it back down again so that it is more of a focal point and a companion for buffet or table lamps that I usually have on a piece of furniture nearby.

Matching chairs

3. Matching chairs

As for seating, I brought in this pair of matching chairs. They are the Jenny Linds from Ikea which, unfortunately, have been discontinued. I like them because they are smaller, and I feel like they fit this space better. (You can find similar on Wayfair)

Layered rugs

4. Rugs

Next, let's chat about the rugs. I like to layer them starting with a neutral base, so I chose this seagrass rug. I love the woven texture and the variety of colors.

While it might not be very comfortable underfoot, it is very resistant to stains and a great choice if you have pets. I then layered this faux hide rug on top, which is a little softer underfoot, and I like the contrast.

White curtains

5. Curtains

Another thing we added around the room is these curtains, which I do get asked about quite a bit. They are from IKEA. They normally have tabs at the bottom.

I always order the longest length and then cut the tabs off so I can fold the fabric over and then clip it using the little clip rings. That's how I achieve a casual, relaxed look.

Deer canvas

6. Canvas

The focal point and inspiration for the room is this really pretty deer canvas that I've had for a couple of years.

Deer plate

7. Plates

I also have a couple of these deer plates. I know the color is a bit off from the deer canvas, but I still think they'll tie in nicely together.

White church decor

8. White decor pieces

Of course, I'll be adding in a few white plates, white bowls, and white churches. I found all of these at Michael's years ago. They're not in the best shape, but I'm going to use them anyway. I also have a pair of these white distressed corbels that I'll be using and a few books I like.

Tree decor

9. Trees

I also decided not to pack up these trees. I used a few of them in this room for Christmas. They're from Hobby Lobby. I ended up painting the tips of them white and adding a little bit of glitter to give them a snowy look.


10. Baskets

Lastly, I'll be using a couple of these baskets. I love their texture and how they'll tie in with the seagrass rug.


Here is how I incorporated each of my winter living room ideas this year:

Placing the deer canvas in front of the window

I placed the deer canvas in front of one of my large windows.

Deer canvas with snowy trees

I added snowy trees on each side of the canvas for balance. They tie in with the ones in the print and the ones outside of our window, which I hope are soon covered with snow.

Baskets filled with gray and white pillows

Next, I added the baskets to the shelf of our console table. I really like having that shelf. It's a fun little place to style and my go-to is usually baskets, but this time I filled them with gray pillows and white, furry ones to tie in with the colors in the print. As I mentioned earlier, I like how the baskets tie in with the seagrass rug.

Faux fur rug over the back of the chair

It comes as no surprise that I then placed the faux fur rug over the back of the chairs. I love adding those to any piece of furniture for a texture layer and to add a bit of softness.

Throw pillows on an armchair

I then added an oversized pillow and little canvas snowflake pillows in the hopes again that we get a little bit of snow.

White armchair with footstool

I ended up bringing in this little footstool. I have another one that I may end up adding to this chair but for now, we'll stick with one on the bookcase baskets. They're such a great filler. I picked these up from Ikea and I love that they have gray, beige, and white to tie in with the canvas.

Placing the little church next to the trees

Then, I ended up placing my little church on one of the shelves and surrounded it with the same trees that I used on the console table.

Arranging the deer plate

One shelf down is where I placed the deer plate. Again, I like how the trees and deer tie in with the canvas.

Using a corbelasa bookend

Beside that, I placed the books and the corbel, which is acting more like a bookend.

Plates and bowls

Then, I have my plates and bowls.

Storage box

Lastly, I added another box that matches the one on the top shelf, just for a bit of balance.

Winter living room decor

Everything is now complete.

Winter living room decor

Thanks so much for joining me today. I enjoyed putting out new winter living room decor and sharing my steps along the way.

Creating a cozy winter living room can be done in a short amount of time with the right inspiration and a few key pieces you love. Which of my winter living room ideas was your favorite? Share your thoughts down below.

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  • Sharon Stricklin Stinson Sharon Stricklin Stinson on Jan 09, 2024
    I have the same Hobby Lobby trees you do and did the same thing to make the tips look snow covered (but love your idea to sprinkle with iridescent glitter to make them sparkle - will be doing that!) Used them at Christmastime but have kept them up to transition into Winter. I believe in decorating with the styles, colors and items that speak to you - it is my home; who is someone else to tell me it is passe' ?! Enjoyed your article.
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  • Lin86125897 Lin86125897 on Jan 10, 2024
    I am picky about interior design...I rarely see anything that I like better than my own style...Your winter decorating is so.....charming...clever....interesting...and enveloping...I LOVE WHAT YOU DID !!! So I had to say so.