5 Simple Tips for Styling A Bar Cart

by Alice
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If you entertain guests, the likelihood that you have a bar cart or a table that houses your drinks and cups is pretty high. But how do you make your bar cart or table inviting to guest? Keep reading and I'll tell you how in these five easy steps.

  • First: You need to start with a bar cart or table - I got mine from Etsy a while back. If you love vintage or antique bar carts, Etsy is the place to shop. I always give mine a good clean before restyling it each time.
  • Second: Place a piece of art on the top level - I prefer to lean my art for a more casual look (and also because I like to change things out). If you have a piece of art that you really love and are not likely to change it anytime soon, feel free to hang yours above your cart for a more formal look.
  • Third: Add trays on your bar cart shelves to house drinks and/or cups - this is helpful in case there are ever spills, and frankly it just gives the cart an elevated look. Notice in my case I placed my trays on opposite sides of the shelves - that's because asymmetry always adds visual interest in design.
  • Fourth: Put your favorite beverages and ice bucket on the trays. Don't worry if you don't have an ice bucket, you can always use a ceramic dish that has some height, and place a regular bowl on top of it to hold your ice. The ceramic dish will help trap any water that may spill from the ice melting. That's what I do!
  • Fifth: Decorate with some accessories - I like to use coffee table books, a nice flower vase with some seasonal flowers, and some clay pieces. I get my flowers locally, and most of my accessories from Ikea, HomeGoods, and Etsy.

Et viola! These are the 5 easy steps to get your designer inspired, Instagram worthy bar cart!

To see details on how I style the room that houses by bar cart, visit my blog for details: https://www.oddessence.com/post/can-you-mix-design-styles

Let me know in the comments if you will try any of these tips.


Start with a clean bar cart!

Lean or hang art.

Place some trays to hold drinks and ice bucket.

Begin adding some accessories if you'd like - you can always do this at the end too.

Start adding your cups.

Add your drinks.

Add the final touch, a nice vase with flowers.

Finished product.

Close up look of the bottom shelf!

Suggested materials:
  • Bar Cart
  • Trays
  • Wall art
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Want more details about this and other design ideas? Check out my blog post!
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  • Patricia Patricia on Oct 08, 2023

    Nice touch having nonalcoholic drinks 😉

    I think I'd like to buy a bar cart now.

    Thanks for the tips

  • Judith Judith on May 26, 2024

    I like the idea of non alcohol drinks as well, but what do you suggest for larger bottles of alcohol and wine? Display them? And what about the various glass wear? Rocks, highball, wine, cordial ? 🧐