Cozy Room Makeover in My 1957 Fixer-Upper in South Carolina

Liz Besanson
by Liz Besanson

I’m sharing with you room makeovers in my new home in 1957 fixer-upper in South Carolina. This house has gorgeous character and great bones. I’m so excited to show you the massive room transformation that’s already taken place.

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There are beautiful French doors to this Carolina room that I’m going to show you. Before, there was tile and old blue carpet. There’s a beautiful wall of glass doors, old-fashioned built-in storage, and ceiling fans.

The whole room is original hardwood, not wood paneling. There’s also a door into the garage that needs TLC. We are going to rip out the carpet, give the built-in TLC, too. This room has so much potential.

Removing the floor

Cleaning and painting the built-in

I cleaned this piece with Krud Kutter. I removed the top shelves and will remove the hardware. I chose PPG Weathered Wood paint in a satin finish. I’ll roll and spray the paint on the rest.

Paint hack

If you don’t want brushstrokes or roller marks, buy this product from Home Depot. It’s Floetrol, which is an additive for latex-based paint.

Painting the doors

I’m painting the doors black in an interior satin enamel paint from Behr. (I don’t know the name of the color.) There’s a clear sealant on the door that prevents paint from getting on the glass. It just peels off when the painting is done.

Hardware and ceiling fans

The new hardware for the cabinets came from Amazon and they are beautiful.


I’m putting down a luxury floor vinyl tile from FloorPops that’s peel and stick ( here are similar ones on Wayfair). The pattern is great and the black has a vintage look to it. You want to measure and find your center and you want to stay straight in a line when putting down the tile.

The sofa

I love this sofa’s elegant legs. Everything zips together so none of the covers come flying out of place.

Finishing touches

The reveal

I hope you enjoyed this room makeover. My vision was to turn this into cottage chic decor and I think it works beautifully with the neutrals and touches of gold. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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