How to Make Your Home Look Expensive: 10 Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Expensive items do not make your home look more expensive than it actually is. In fact, these pricier items may leave you feeling like they have finally made it, but in actuality, they look incredibly similar to the less expensive dupes you can find at stores and online.

So today, I will be showing you how to make your home look expensive without breaking the bank, and we will focus on finding great deals on expensive-looking home decor that is actually affordable.

How to decorate your home to look expensive

Here are 10 ways to make your home look expensive even when it’s not:

Decluttering your home

1. Declutter your space

The first item on the list is really important. Declutter your space and keep it clean and simple. Less is always more. Take out things that you don't need and those you hardly ever use.

Minimalist interior design can look expensive

2. Minimalism

Have you ever been to a rich person's home? Their spaces are always simple and their furniture is always sleek. Creating a minimalist space requires fewer items, but you have to be intentional about it so that it doesn't look like you're too broke to afford certain things.

To create a minimalist space, you have to work with contemporary furniture and neutral colors. Make sure it's all about quality and not quantity.

Circular mirror in a bathroom

3. Accessories

Accessories make a statement. Select accessories that stand out but still fit perfectly into your space. Rich people always have mirrors everywhere. They do more than just show your reflection. They beautify your space and add some extra glam.

Using gold accents in home decor

4. Gold or bronze

Add a touch of gold or bronze to your space. Gold and bronze look expensive whether they are real or fake. Using them sparingly will give off a feeling that you spent a lot of money even if you didn't. But don't overdo it. Too much gold or bronze will make your space look mediocre.

Cute throw pillows

5. Throw pillows

Use beautiful throw pillows. It's funny how simple and cheap this is. You can use throw pillows to create rhythm and repetition in your space. Any kind of pillow works, but fur pillows always look expensive.

Managing lighting can make your home look more expensive

6. Lighting

Lighting is a very important part of making your home look expensive. It could be artificial light or natural light. Someone once said that it's like rich people have a special kind of sunlight.

They probably special order it because their homes are always properly lit with natural light. For artificial light, nice looking lamps are not as expensive as they look. You can also get a chandelier, a pendant light, or any other specialty light that will make your space look beautiful.

Lighting a scented candle

7. Scent

Make sure your house always smells good. When someone walks into your home and it smells like vanilla or lavender, it signals that you have high taste and style. You can get block air fresheners, spray, scented candles, or any other scented items to make your house smell good.

Decorating a home with flowers and plants

8. Flowers and plants

Flowers and plants are back in, especially in minimalist settings. Plants add warmth and a feel of nature to your space. It's always good when you're welcomed home by greenery. So add either synthetic plants or live plants into your space to make them look more expensive.

Expensive-looking curtains

9. Curtains

If you want to make your space look expensive, use curtains instead of blinds. Blinds are okay, but they make your house look too simple. Instead, use full curtains with an expensive tie back so that you can show off your curtain design.

The right way to hang your curtain is to make sure it kisses the floor. Nothing too long, nothing too short. If it's too long, it makes it look shabby. If it's too short, it makes it look cheap.

Accent chairs and sofas

10. Accent chairs and sofas

Accent chairs are any kind of chair that will make your space pop. They often have a distinct color, style, and design that will create visual impact and curiosity in your space. While you're selecting an accent chair, don't forget that your sofa is also important.

Invest in good furniture with high-quality fabric. It doesn't have to be really expensive, but it has to look good. If you get this last part right, every other thing will fall into place seamlessly.

Expensive-looking home decor

Still wondering how to make your home look expensive? Finding cheap home decor that looks expensive but isn’t is the only trick you need. With some clever decorating, you can elevate any space in your home and make guests think you spent far more than you actually did.

What is your best advice for making a room look extravagant? Spill your secrets in the comments below and help others do the same.

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