Laundry Room Makeover: How to Get a Small Laundry Room Organized

I am sharing my small laundry room makeover. My laundry room needed help to get organized. The space was very small and it lacked storage so I turned to iDesign and HomeEdit for products. Let me show you what I did. Here’s my before and after small laundry room makeover.


You know how we all feel about those impractical wire racks.


Everything is light, bright, inviting, and organized. We started by removing the wire rack and gave the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Cabinets and shelves

We installed upper cabinets that were a little over $100 each. We installed two floating cabinets between the shelves for storage and decor.


We added two all-purpose and lightweight open-front bins (they come in onyx and sand) from iDesign.


I’m using a 9-inch turntable for storing small items while giving us easy access.


Stackable canisters help keep detergents fresh and dry.


This hook wall mount organizes my mobs and brooms so they aren’t on the floor. There is also a smaller three-hook version I put under my shelf.


I love this double-folding laundry clothes hamper with a lid. There’s a liner in it that lifts out and can be used as a backpack to carry clothes to the laundromat, which is ideal for college students or apartment living.

Drying rack

This wall-mounted drying rack is genius and perfect for small spaces to hold drying items. It folds down when it’s not in use.

Sanitation station

Look at this simple organization station from iDesign. It keeps everything in its place. Plus it comes with a container to hold a pack of wipes to grab on your way out the door.

Laundry room makeover

Here are some words of encouragement for anyone who is having trouble with a laundry room makeover. Get your family in on this makeover. When everyone pitches in, declutters, and cleans together, they will appreciate the space more and work to keep it clean.

Let me know what you think about this DIY laundry room makeover in the comments.

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