How to Style Your Laundry Room on a Budget

Hey everyone, Melonie here! Today we're diving into laundry room styling. Laundry always seems to be near the top of my least favorite chores list, so decorating the laundry room wasn't exactly a priority.

But, it turns out laundry rooms can be styled inexpensively, so I decided to tackle mine and share some tips with you.

Before & After

Let's start with a before picture. As you can see, the room has nice stainless steel appliances, but they look a little out of place because there's nothing to soften the space. That brings me to tip number one…

Tip 1: Add Texture

Texture is an easy way to add life to a small space. This can be anything from a backsplash to a cool laundry hamper with a woven pattern. I found the hamper in this picture on clearance at Pier 1, and the wicker basket is from HomeGoods.

Just adding these two textures helped break things up and make the space feel softer.

Tip 2: Accessorize!

Accessories are one of my favorite ways to add personality to any room. Plants are a must-have in my house, and they not only bring life to the space but also add a pop of color.

I found these cute Bunny Williams planters from Ballard Designs. The pot has some metal elements that tie in with the whole "adding texture" thing.

I also styled the space with a galvanized tray, some laundry fragrance, and some gorgeous Turkish towels.

Tip 3: Wall Art

Wall art is another affordable way to show off your creativity. You can find tons of cute laundry room art on Pinterest, but I went with free downloadable prints of clothespins. Aren't they cute?

Tip 4: Rug

Rugs and runners are a great way to add interest to the floor and tie in with the texture theme. I used to be afraid to pick rugs because finding the right pattern stressed me out, but now I just go for it! Worst case scenario, you can always return it.

The Takeaway

Texture, accessories, and rugs made a huge difference in my laundry room without a big investment. So, what am I waiting for? Time to go do some laundry!

I hope you enjoyed this laundry room tour. Feel free to leave comments below and thanks for watching!

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