Laundry Room Makeover in a Cozy Pacific Northwest Cottage

Today, we will tackle this cluttered laundry room with a laundry room makeover. Before decluttering, we took photos to embrace the before fully and appreciate the after. While a makeover may initially seem daunting, the results are worthwhile.

Best wall paint!

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Painting & Cleaning

We got everything out of the room, and we paid a local contractor to reroute the existing plumbing line so that we were able to install a brand-new toilet and sink. So, after all that preliminary work, we got to the fun part: designing the new room.

Choosing paint colors

We spent a lot of time sitting with paint color just swatched throughout the house to see what it looked like

through different times of day and in different spaces.

Painting the walls

In the end, we went with this Perfect Greige by Sherwin-Williams, but we got it made for us at Home Depot in the Behr one-coat paint in an eggshell finish for the walls.

Their home is over a hundred years old, so we wanted it to maintain that cozy cottage vibe.

Mirror from Facebook Marketplace

Mirror Choices

So, in this makeover, I will be more of the guide and help her create the space she's always wanted. For example, she loved this mirror and purchased it on the Marketplace. It's only $30. She came home with it. She had a solid pull to it, and I think it's perfect for the space.

Staining the cabinet doors

Staining Cabinets & Shelves

One thing we could pick up at Lowe's was the very last cabinet. I knew that she needed some more

storage in here, so I thought we could mount a cabinet to the ceiling, and then we could add some open shelving on the other side and more of the decor pieces she loves.

We did want to stain these, so we’re working on staining the cabinets and the shelving outside. If you're ever doing anything like this, make sure you follow all of the steps. You need to do the pre-stain and the stain, and then you want to add the polyurethane seal.

Washable rug

Rug & Hardware Choices

She purchased this rug online because she loved it, but she wasn't quite sure where the size would work in her space. It's a fully washable rug, which is so amazing.

If you have pets, I suggested we try it in the laundry room, and we both loved it. It's just so cozy in here. We haven't washed it yet, but the idea of washable rugs is something I love.

Shopping the cluttered items


Next, we will keep adding details from all the stuff we collected in the extreme declutter. We get to go shopping through everything we set aside now. It's just so fun to post-declutter and go shopping for the items you've collected over many years that you love and that bring you happiness whenever you see them.

I'm a huge fan of using items you already have, but this bathroom will be a game changer for their entire way of life in this house. We wanted it to be unique, so we went shopping to add special details to the space.

Clipped foliage from the local area

Then we went out to one of her favorite places to walk and clipped some free foliage, which would save us some money.

I love it because we can put these in her bathroom, and she'll constantly be reminded of the space she loves.

Basket on a hook

I thought it needed a little height in this area, so we plan to put this in the basket.

She had seen this online, and we wanted to try spraying these with unscented hairspray before you put them up so that they're preserved for longer so that's what I'm doing right now

Installing the shelving unit

Cleaning Supplies

We had measured this cabinet before, so we knew it would fit, but you always want to make sure you want to see it fit whenever you're done.

New cabinet over the appliances

To make it easier for her, I'll put all the cleaning products on top of the washer. I’m a fan of putting cleaning products in pretty and refillable glass bottles to display.

The one thing that really amazed me was whenever you sit on this toilet now, it looks so much bigger because your eyes are drawn upward with the cabinet.

Door & Shelves

Next, we wanted to replace the doors. She doesn't like them. She wanted something earthy, like a natural wood door, but hey, those are expensive, and we're trying to balance our splurging and savings, so we thought, let's paint the doors.

Painting the wood

It's a very inexpensive fix, and we'll update all of the hinges and the knobs as well. We used two coats of paint on each side.

We used the same color, Perfect Greige, but in a satin finish for the trim paint and the door. I'm quickly cleaning up because it's time to do the final installs and set everything.

Shelves over the dryer

We installed shelves over the dryer for more storage.

New hinge

Pretty Details

We have these new hinges that we ordered, and I think they're really beautiful. We got them on Amazon, and they were affordable.

Installing the WC sign

Then, another little detail we found at Target, which was so cute, was this WC sign. We'd been thinking about what to name this bathroom and settled on a water closet.

Towel bar with birds

Another thing we did was add a towel bar. She also already had this, which is excellent if you need to hang dry anything. It's time to add some final touches and show you the final look.

Before & Afters

We started with this laundry room makeover first because we knew that functionally, this would make the biggest difference in their space, and it is, and it has already been doing that.

Laundry room before
Laundry room after

These are the before photos.

Laundry room makeover
Laundry room makeover with a toilet
Laundry room / WC makeover

This is what the laundry room looked like after the makeover.

Toilet Tips

A quick tip: if you are buying a toilet, do yourself a favor and get one with a smooth side. Do you know how the other ones let the hair get caught down there? No. Upgrade to this one whenever it's time.

I love an excellent soft-close toilet seat. It's the quickest way to upgrade the entire feel of your bathroom because no one should ever have to see the inside of your toilet bowl.

Laundry room makeover

I think this turned out so well. It is a cozy Pacific Northwest cottage. I love everything, and we use what we have. We incorporated a few extra details, and they invested in their property by creating an additional bathroom.

I hope you enjoyed this extreme laundry room makeover. What was your favorite part? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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