Laundry Room Makeover: How to Transform a Small Space

I will show you a DIY laundry room makeover; the laundry room is mine. I'll chat about the design and how I came up with some of the things I came up with and why. Read on to get inspiration for your laundry room makeover.

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Laundry room before

Design plan

First of all, the laundry room is long, and at the end of the laundry room is a bathroom, and we're reconfiguring that, too. We're reconfiguring it because I love the window and natural light.

The second thing was the door that was in the laundry room. I'm going to replace it. I found an old door with glass on Facebook Marketplace. That way, when the door is closed, I can see the light coming in from the window, and if I have a small light in here in the evening, I can see it as well.

The armoire

I did not want built-in cabinets. I wanted something different, so I got on Facebook Marketplace and found a gorgeous armoire.

The armoire

What I love about it is, first of all, the depth and width were right.

Next, I loved the mirrors on it, and the unique detailing on the top made it beautiful.

It also made it a big pain to paint, but that is the first thing I started with. I first needed to decide what color to paint this, and I went through several different colors. How I landed on it was I matched it to the wallpaper.

Wallpaper and painted armoire

I chose very close to the same blue and used chalk paint.

I did not want to have to sand this armoire. I then just covered it with poly acrylic. I did a little bit of gold wax on the handles on it, but here's the neat thing. The left side houses cleaning supplies and my vacuum. We added strip lights here, so it lights up when I open it.

Storage inside the armoire

For the right side, we built shelves inside and lights again, which gives me a lot of storage. It turned out fantastic.

Board and batten and toilet wallpaper

The walls

Next, I knew I wanted a lot of wood in here and board and batten, which is pretty easy and inexpensive. I knew I wanted to bring it up high on the wall. I chose some beautiful toile wallpaper. The color is just a beautiful soft blue. I got it from Target, and it was peel and stick, and it wasn't very hard to put up at all.

Wood bead light fixture


So, I couldn't have anything that hung too low for the light in here because Scott is 6 '3". I found this light fixture at Lowe's that I love, which made this room look so charming.

Washer-dryer area with a butcher block

Washer-dryer area

So, for the design around the washer and dryer, we used a butcher block, brought it straight across, and did a waterfall effect on the side.

Using tung oil on wood

I stained it and used tung oil.

If you don't know what that is, it's one of my favorite things to use for wood. It's an oil you can rub into it, and it dries. I use it in my living room as well. You don't have to have coasters because they're water-resistant.

Shiplap framing the work area


I needed housing for laundry detergent and all those things, so we just did two shelves here. We framed this out, did shiplap up, and then brought the board and batten around to the side. So, this framed this work area.


I love light, so I found an excellent picture light.

Picture light

It was gold, so of course, I broke out the paint, the Rub n Buff in Grecian gold, and rubbed it on there to look like old brass.

What's really neat about this is it comes with a remote, and it has a timer on it, and we didn't have to do any extra electrical work.

I needed two knobs for these cabinets, but I didn't want to choose a knob that had a pattern or was a particular metal. I wanted a soft, monochromatic look. Found these knobs at Hobby Lobby, and I love how they add a little bit of vintage to the entire look.

Frame from Target

For the artwork, I wanted something very soft and subtle.

I found this frame at Target. It has a hint of the blue that is in the wallpaper. The wallpaper is busy, so you don't want to get something that's too busy, and this artwork was perfect.

One of the other accessories also from Target is a basket that houses my towels. I have a cute little jar that is filled with special yummies for Emma and Molly, and in this taller basket I've just put in my dryer sheet, so it's cute and functions.

Plant, basket, and rabbit ornament

I already had the greenery and the sweet, of course, the sweet little bunny.

So for the rug, again, I didn't want any color or pattern, but the jute gives enough texture, and to me, it's the right length. I found this one at Target as well.

I'm going to figure out what to do with this tile floor. The tiles are in perfect condition, and I like the size. Now, I did a treatment in our guest bathroom. The tiles were smaller, but they were the same color. It turned out beautiful, and it has lasted amazingly well. No chips, nothing, cleans well, and it's been two years.

I also purchased the light cover from Hobby Lobby, and I painted it the same color that I painted all of the board and batten. That color is a Sherwin-Williams color called Greek Villa, and I also painted it in the sheen satin.

Laundry room makeover

Laundry room makeover

My laundry room makeover had created a place to get everything done while enjoying my space. What is your plan for your laundry room? Share in the comments below.

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