How to Style an Entryway Table: 5 Console Styling Tips

Liz Besanson
by Liz Besanson

I am working on console table styling, specifically my console media cabinet.

I am going to take you through a few easy keys on how to scale up your console table, sideboard table, media cabinet, or whatever it is that you have at home that you want to bring some focus and attention to and scale it up.

These five keys are super easy, so read on for simple styling tips for your console.

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Considering height for console table decor

1. Consider height

The first tip that I have for you is to consider height. I love pulling plants, statues, lamps, books, and tall things that you can stack and create symmetry and shape. I like to start pulling and reserving those things so that when I'm getting ready to organize and style things, I have things of different heights.

So make sure that you're pulling things of all different heights. We don't want to get a whole bunch of small things; we want to create a kind of symmetry, and we want the eyes to go all the way up and see the whole picture.

Neutral color palette for console table decor

2. Color palette

The second key I like to consider is color. I have a very neutral color palette now, but there was a time in my life when I had purple, green, and hot pink in my decor.

I wish I had kept some of those pictures to share because you would not believe how my house is. I had a hot pink dining room. Even so, that goes to show you that there is no right or wrong way in design.

I made it work; it was super. I would even call that very eclectic. So remember, keep it to two to three colors, whatever colors you are drawn to. It starts to clash when there are too many colors.

I have seen people do lots of colors and still keep things elegant, but it's a lot trickier, so I love keeping colors two to three colors max for any design space. Otherwise, after that, it just starts to be a little bit too overwhelming.

How to style an entryway table

You want the focus to be on the entire design and not just the colors, but again, if you love those colors and that's what you want, then by all means, you can use all the colors of the rainbow.

Using texture in entryway table decor

3. Use texture in your design

My third tip would be to consider adding texture. As far as textures, we can easily add them by using baskets, florals, wood trays, wood sculptures, or anything else that has texture. You may want to add a little touch of that.

Texture is so important because it helps to break the monotony of the other elements that are in the design space. The texture just adds so much warmth, and it adds a cozy, homey feel to this space.

I love adding my personal touches of texture to floral arrangements. I am especially drawn to large twigs and large branches. I also love to bring in wooden trays or marble trays, anything that has that element of nature into my space. It just adds a little touch of outdoors inside your space, like a breath of fresh air.

Entryway table styling ideas

You can do texture, and there are so many ways that you can add texture, but personally, for me, it's adding the florals, branches, little baskets, and even old vessels.

There are so many different ways you can add texture to your space.

How to style a console table

4. Consider lighting

I have one more tip, and that is to consider lighting. I feel that regardless of wherever this space is, where your console or sideboard table is, or wherever it is in the room, we want to reflect light. Light brings elegance and ties it all together.

You can get some sconces and have it hardwired into your wall. I love that Restoration Hardware does that. I've been drawn to the sconces on their console tables. They are hardwired, so you would need to get an electrician inside your home to do that. If all else fails and you cannot use lights, or you don't want to use lights, you can also incorporate light by using mirrors and metallics.

I am in love with gold and bronze sculptures and vases and anything metallic. I'm very drawn to gold, so I love to bring gold accents into my design. Metallics have reflections, so they bounce light off, and you can also do that with mirrors.

You can put a mirror in the center of the room; it reflects and bounces light. Then, you can have metallics on your table as your accent pieces. So, however, you decide to bring light into your space, this is just one of the options. Again, you can use lamps, mirrors, or metallic.

5. Choose used over new

You probably already have many of these things at home. If you don't have many of these items, you can inexpensively pick them up at HomeGoods, HomeSense, Kirkland's, Target, Zara Home, or Amazon Home. Those are a few inexpensive places to pick up home decor on a budget and make it look super high-end.

That is what I'm all about; I love making my home look super high-end and buying things from antique shops, vintage stores, thrift stores, and HomeGoods. I can do a lot of these things myself and cut the budget by sourcing these things from these kinds of stores.

Console table styling tips

I hope my console table styling tips help you to easily style your piece on a budget. Do you have a sideboard or console in your home? Share your styling tips in the comments below.

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  • Eleanor Eleanor on Jan 09, 2024
    I do not like using multiples of the same items anywhere in my house. The first photo looks very nice. Well balanced. Thanks for sharing.
  • Millie Millie on Jan 10, 2024
    I use a different table runner for seasons and holidays. It's easy to build on and an interesting way to set the tone when entering the front door. Keeps it fresh and not boring.