Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Today, I want to share some farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas with you. I'm decorating my entryway, bench, and console. I'll share what I'm using along with where I purchased the items.

Farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas

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Farmhouse Christmas tree

Christmas tree

I ordered this pencil tree from Home Depot, and it makes a stunning focal point. The ribbon that I'm adding to the tree is from Trendy Tree, and I will tell you that when you find something you like, you better purchase it because it runs out quickly. I fell in love with this two-and-a-half-inch snowman ribbon, so I made sure I ordered it early.

The ornaments all came from Hobby Lobby, and I'm adding them to this tree. I want to give the tree a rustic Christmas look. This pencil tree with lights is going to be placed beside my bench here in my entryway.

Farmhouse entryway decor

Entryway floor decor

This is going to be my snowman and sled area, and it's mainly decorated in green.

Mini wreaths on window arches


The dark green, slightly flocked wreaths that I'm putting up are wreaths I had from last year. I have some little brass bells to add to it, and I will add those before I finish decorating. I'm using some S hooks to hang those wreaths on the arches.

Christmas wall decor

On my bench that I purchased on clearance at Hobby Lobby, I'm adding a green throw blanket and a black and white tree pillow cover that both came from Amazon.

Walls decor

Moving over to my hook area on the wall, everything you see is from Hobby Lobby, and the balls are the only thing new. Everything else I'm using are decorations I've had.

Christmas hook area

Under the hook area, I am adding a tree to my vintage crop, my little snow people from Honey and Me, and I'm adding a few trees and a sign, and that's going to complete my entry.

Console area with Christmas decor

Console area

Now, let's go ahead and move over to my console area, where I want to decorate it just a little bit. I've had this spread for quite some time, and I've already put this tray together.

I have my hurricane lamp with a battery-operated candle in there. I'm taking some of the green velvet ribbon, and I'm cutting off the hanger that originally came on there, the silver thread, and just putting a little green velvet ribbon on it.

Farmhouse Christmas decor

This little woven tray came from Hobby Lobby, and I ordered these picks from Hobby Lobby online. I went into their store twice but didn't find anything I was looking for.

What I like about these after I fluffed and put two in each one of the jars, is that I think they look pretty full, and I'll be able to carry those out all the way through the winter.

Farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas

So here it is all completed. Enjoy.

Farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas

You can find more decor ideas on my Amazon storefront. What farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas do you have to share? Leave a comment below to let me know your decorating plans this year. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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