Tiny Home Party Barn & Modern Farmhouse Home Tour

Welcome to my updated modern farmhouse home tour. I want to take you into the backyard to show you our new build projects. Before we get to that, come on inside with me.


As you enter, you'll notice our simple door area. We've kept it cozy with a vintage stool and a cute key holder. Instead of a coat closet, we've turned it into a space for our kids' books and games, making it functional for our family. Our office space is nearby, where we tackle homeschooling, computer work, and our businesses.

Last year, we spruced up the ceiling, and I'm totally in love with it.

Now, let's check out this black hutch area in our entryway.

I got it at a garage sale with my mom, and it has such a cozy vibe. We use it to store our DVDs since we have little space in the living room. I've added a decorative pillow to make it feel more inviting. I've placed a rug here for people to wipe their feet on when they come in. It's super practical and easy to clean. Plus, its distressed style adds to the charm of the entryway.

Front room

Over the past six years, our front room has seen a lot of changes. Right now, it's set up as a cozy sitting room, perfect for family gatherings like my son's birthday. We recently added these lovely sofas.

We've had this wall map up for a while, showcasing the places we've traveled.

It's fun for us adults and a great learning tool for the kids. They can even climb the accent chairs to get a closer look and ask questions. The map is peel-and-stick, so it's been with us for a few years, telling our family's story. We've kept the decor pretty minimal here, creating a peaceful oasis.

I have to share one of my favorite pieces in this room - this rustic wood table.

It's such a timeless piece that I adore. I've styled it with some cute little decor items and a bench, which adds charm to the space.


Then there's the kitchen. In the kitchen, I recently added adorable bar stools that perfectly complement the modern farmhouse vibe. They're a lovely addition with their iron accents and wooden details, adding a charming touch to the space.

Last year, we decided to update our faucets, which we love.

They're gold and add a beautiful touch to our kitchen. The update was because our old faucet's filtration system broke. We have a stunning farmhouse sink from Wayfair that we got when we built the house.

We try to keep the counter clutter-free, so we only have essentials like the coffee maker, candle melting station, and bananas (though I love having baked goods whenever possible).

We also have cutting boards, salt, a cute tea towel, and other basics. As we plan more DIY projects, we focus on functionality over decor.

Let's look at the ceiling because it's a great view.

We hired someone to cut through the roof and add skylights. You can see four openings where more skylights will go. We plan to add tongue and groove on the ceiling, as in the entryway. The skylights bring in more natural light because it gets dark in here. Another DIY project we're excited about is extending the kitchen cabinets to make them look more built-in.

Dining room

Here's our dining room, and we adore our farmhouse-style table. We recently got these cute chairs and rolling chairs that everyone loves, although the kids tend to push them too far and move the table.

We have a lovely chandelier we replaced a couple of years ago to keep the space fresh. I used to decorate the table with centerpieces, but I found they just get moved around, so now we keep it clear.

I've decked it out in our hallway with some cute boutique rugs, mixing in a few rugs as well.

We've got our primary bedroom, pantry, and laundry room in this space.

Recently, I added this adorable distressed hanger, which we've put to good use.

This area feels bright and clean despite the occasional dust, especially with our DIY beams holding up nicely.

Living room

Now, let's head to the living room, a space we did a while back and adore. We're considering adding built-ins or painting the shelves white to match the beams. It's an inviting space, perfect for styling shelves with family photos. I try to keep it balanced and family-friendly, avoiding too much clutter while showcasing our memories.

I want to show you this cute little table.

It's not centered right now because we want to leave space for the kids to move around at night if needed. Right now, it's storing some of my extra decorations. We often bring out this other item. It's a cardholder, and we used it for my son's birthday to display his cards and Polaroid photos from the party. It was his first friend's birthday celebration, which meant a lot to him.

Kids rooms and bathroom

Next is the hallway leading to the kids' rooms. We have a mirror that we use all the time, especially for doing my daughter's hair with natural light. On one side, we have the boys' room, and on the other, the girls' room.

Then we have our bathroom, which I like to call our Walmart bathroom because everything in it was purchased from Walmart when we built the house - the mirror, the vanity, and the lights.

It's such a cute space!

Backyard projects

I'm excited to take you outside for a little tour of our projects.

Here's our tiny home, still under construction.

We've just finished quite a few projects, including installing the plumbing.

Here's a quick look at how the party barn is shaping up.

The new black windows we installed look fantastic, and that's the latest update on this space. I wanted to give you a sneak peek! We'll be working on the built-ins here in the next few months, so stay tuned for that. Electrical work for the tiny home and the party barn is scheduled for about a week and a half from now, and once that's done, we can dive into more projects inside. Timing is key, so we take it one step at a time.

Modern farmhouse home tour

Thanks for joining me on today's modern farmhouse home tour and checking out our projects. Remember to take your time to achieve a look you'll love. What was your favorite part of the tour? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Hector Delafuente Hector Delafuente on Apr 20, 2024
    I love your home!!! Very nicely done!!! What are your plans for your tiny home??? Everything looks great!!!
  • Pat Pat on May 05, 2024
    What's the sq footage on this? It doesn't look like a 'tiny' house to me.