How to Display Vintage-Style Decor in Your Home

Today I am sharing my most recent vintage-style decor finds with you. I am also going to be giving you some advice on decorating vintage style by browsing through thrift stores near you, and I have a couple of surprises for you along the way.

So let me know if I found some real treasures or if I'm getting overly excited over nothing.

If you have been around for any of my previous thrift hauls for home decor, you know that I love brass candlesticks. I mix and match them. I love to style them around my home. I got this one from an estate sale, and it is really pretty. I haven't polished it or even dusted it yet, so once that is done, it is going to be beautiful around my home all year long.

My love of brass extends to this picture frame holder. It is a really good size. It's hinged, so you can store it very easily when not in use.

I can use this to set my picture frames up on tabletops and display them.

I also love to thrift books, and I found this 1958 Better Homes and Gardens salad book. It is a stunning yellow color. I want to style my house with it this spring and summer. It has classic recipes in it, and I purchased this book from an estate sale.

Another book I found was this green hardcover book. Look how beautiful that is. Somebody has written inside of it, but I mostly got it because of this green cover. Plus, I like the worn, aged pages on this book.

This tray was from an estate sale. It has a wonderful patina on it, and is a really pretty little tray.

You could hang this on the wall, but I love little pieces like this that you can decorate around your home to add that unique curated flair that you don't get from big-box store purchases.

Here is another new tray in my home decor stash. It has a filigree around the edge. You can see the detailing on there.

It is a beautiful piece to layer on your tables or on your counters to create vignettes. I don't mind a little bit of that patina either. It looks lovely that way.

Okay, here is one of the treasures that I think I found. Now, the mark on the bottom does not look exactly like what I found here on the listing I found, but I think this is a real Lillian Vernon bamboo clutch purse. And I did not know this until I got home and looked it up because it was so unique. I thought it was a decor piece, but I think it's actually a little purse.

It has this little clasp on here that matches the authentic Lillian Vernon listing that I found.

You open it up and it has the caning for the bamboo.

The hinges on it are stunning. It has a little metal beading in there too. It is a really fabulous piece.

At the bottom here, it says that it was made in the People's Republic of China. So that's what's different from the one that says Lillian Vernon. But when you match up all of the details, like the clasp and the hinges, the dimensions, the bamboo caning and weaving of that, it's identical.

When I google image search this swan planter, it also comes up as a rare find. This was from an estate sale. It had quite a bit of hard water markings on the inside, but that cleaned up, and there's a little scuffing on the bottom, but isn't it precious? I think you could use this as a pen holder. You could put a little plant in it. You could use it for makeup brushes on your bathroom counter. There really are so many lovely things you could do with it.

This little teacup and saucer is so cute. It is hand-painted and dainty. It's going to look precious in my china hutch. I'm going to set it up there and display it.

It has this golden copper color on the inside of the teacup as well as pretty flowers. It was from an estate sale.

I love this piece right here. It is a Japanese-style vase. It has a sterling silver top on it. There is no marking on the bottom, and it does have a little chip on it, but the way it is glazed on the bottom, I feel like that might have happened when it was originally made.

You don't really see it when it is sitting on a surface so it doesn't detract from the beauty, but I love the burnt orange-ish red color and blue.

Okay, drum roll, please. Did I find a real McCoy pottery bowl or is this a replica? I think this is the real McCoy. When I image searched this, it came up as a McCoy Starburst mixing bowl. They don't always have markings so I'm not concerned about that, but I wish it did because then I would know for sure.

I bought it because of the color and the pattern, and it was only later on when I got home that I realized that I think I have a really good treasure on my hands. What do you think? Is this a McCoy? It's in pristine condition, has a natural pottery edge to it, and a beautiful starburst on the bottom. Whether this is real or not, I was excited to get it.

Vintage style decor

I'm so glad you joined me here today. I hope you enjoyed the thrift store-style home decor from my latest haul, and that it helps you get started on bringing home a haul of your own.

I am really curious to hear what you all think. Let me know your thoughts on the vintage-style decor pieces I highlighted today in the comments section that follows.

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  • Peggy O'Grady Lebair Peggy O'Grady Lebair on May 12, 2024
    I love thrift shopping too. Great finds for a lot less. Thank you!
    • Lesa | Uniquely Lesa Lesa | Uniquely Lesa on May 13, 2024
      Hi there! Thrifting is so much fun. I love that you never know what you will find, or not. 😅Thank you for stopping by. I'm happy you are here. Have a wonderful day. XO
  • Ars54268128 Ars54268128 on May 13, 2024
    Thrift shopping yields lots of treasures. Shopping your own house for treasures is fun and economical too. If your mom or grandma are still with you ask if you borrow some of their treasures to put on display. Make them part of the help with design.
    • Lesa | Uniquely Lesa Lesa | Uniquely Lesa on May 13, 2024
      Hi there! I'm so glad you stopped by. My family jokes that they never know what they'll come home to because I constantly move decor all around the house. 😅 I have lost both my mom and grandma but am lucky to have several treasured pieces from them. I hope you join me again in the future. Until then, have a fabulous day. XO