6 Cozy Cottage Decor Finds & How to Style Them in Your Home

Home decorating can be a really fun hobby to get involved in. From glancing at store shelves to scouring antique shops and perusing online marketplaces, there are plenty of cool treasures to find and good deals to be had.

Nowadays, cozy cottage decor is everywhere you look, and I’m sharing with you some of my recently purchased cottage-style decor pieces, as well as tips for decorating in this style.

Farmhouse Wares website

Farmhouse Wares

Farmhouse Wares, the small shop that the following home decor pieces came from, is absolutely genius in the way they set up their website. If you see a photo of an item that you are interested in purchasing, what I love is they're using other decor pieces from their shop in those photos as well. When you scroll down, it shows the other items available on their website.

Not only is it easy to find the decor pieces you’re looking for, but if you like the way that the decor was set up in that photo, it's so easy to be able to grab those items too and curate the entire collection right in your home. You are just basically taking their inspiration and bringing it into your own home.

Wire basket for holding fruit

1. Two-tier wire basket

The first item that I wanna share with you guys is this two-tier wire basket. I love this. I actually got this for my apples and bananas, and I am going to be styling this one a little bit lower than most would because I want it to be accessible to my kiddos.

Key organizer

2. Key organizer

If you are looking for ways to organize your keys, this is a great one. I love this one in particular because of the number of spots it has for keys. I have owned ones in the past that can only hold three keys; that is just not enough for us. But this one is going to get us so organized and what a cute way to do so.

Floor cushions

3. Floor cushions

One of my favorite decorating ideas is finding floor cushions and footstools that are practical and create extra seating. I found these adorable cushions right here. My kids actually have been using these as floor cushions for when they're doing their puzzles on the ground. They add character to a space and really cozy it up.

Styling tabletop drawers

4. Tabletop drawers

This darling piece is such a practical one, whether you have a bathroom with two sinks and need it right in the middle to keep yourself organized or you put it in your laundry room with a little clock. Look at how cute that is.

Tabletop drawers

I love this piece. I love how it’s white and has that black distress to it. They also have a black version of this, and it is a little bit bigger and just as darling, but I wanted to keep the white one. I just felt like it flowed a little bit better in our home, but the other one is really cute too. It does match my hutch now that I think about it...

Styling shelves with cozy cottage decor

5. Textured canisters

Another area of my home that I love decorating is my two white shelves. You guys have seen it so many times because I love styling that area.

Canister sets

I found these two canister sets right here, such a great deal. I think it looks darling, and I love the texture it brings. It's got this distressedness to it and is just an absolute gem to add to any space.

Stool with decor

6. Stool with decor

This is an example of something that Farmhouse Wares had styled on their website and you could shop right on the photo for these products, so I bought them together. This is a great idea if you struggle with curating your decor and styling it; you can just be inspired by their website.

When I saw this stool on the website, it was $7.95, I believe. Then, it's styled with a little brush, kitchen dish soap, and a soap container. These smaller decor items would also make for a great gift; you could add some soaps in there and it would be perfect.

Cozy cottage decor

I hope you enjoyed these cozy cottage decor ideas. Trends in design may come and go, but cottage-style decorating incorporates a lot of home decor pieces that are affordable and remain timeless. Let me know what you thin of this interior design style in the comments below.

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