8 Design Ideas For Those Wall Spaces Either Side of the Fireplace

Melissa Karl
by Melissa Karl

I am often asked what to do with the spaces on the sides of a fireplace if there are no built-ins. I’ll show you some ideas. Here are some of my favorite design ideas.

1. Cabinets

Put console cabinets on each side with floating shelves or mirrors above them.

2. Console table

If you have the room, you can also do a console table.

3. Workspace

If you want to add a function to the space, create a workspace here.

4. Benches

If you have windows, benches work nicely here.

5. Asymmetrical solution

Here's a good example of an asymmetrical design.

6. Shelves

Floating shelves are always a great option here.

7. Tall furniture

If you have tall ceilings, put a tall piece of furniture on each side.

8. Chair and plant

If you like simple, go for a chair on one side and a plant on the other.

There’s so much you can do that’s simple and effective. Let me know what you do on the sides of your fireplace. Leave a comment!

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