How I Decorate My Dining Room For the Summer Season

I am going to be decorating my dining room for summer, and I am so excited to share the process with you.

For my decor this summer, I am honing in on plants, greenery, and earth-tone colors. I love that palette. I do have a little bit of blue in my living room and my kitchen, and have blue kitchen cabinets.

My dining room walls are sage green, and I really love the natural colors, like the jute colors, ivories, and greenery. Sometimes, I incorporate brass and things like that. So, without further ado, we're going to go ahead and start decorating my dining room. We are going to be decorating my hutch back here. I have a little DIY, simple thing that I'm going to be doing with a thrifted piece, and then I'm also going to be decorating my dining room table with a simple tablescape and a couple of other corners here in my dining room.

Hutch decor

Alright, you guys, so the very first area we are going to start decorating is my hutch. I thrifted this hutch around the fall of last year, and I ended up finding it on Facebook Marketplace for only $60. It has lights inside, and I love all of the details. It's just very old-school-looking, and I really love that vibe. It fits this wall perfectly in our dining room.

To start decorating the inside, I really just wanted to give this a clean wipe-down.

As far as the decor goes in the hutch, I like to keep things in groupings. I will have some wooden pieces. I will have some brass items, some ceramics, and things like that, but they are all neutral colors.

For the very top corner, I'm going to start with the two wooden bud vases, and then I'm just going to place a little bit of greenery in the middle. Those are thrifted. Also, these wooden bowls are thrifted in this little fern.

The next thing is this cheese ball holder and some wooden bowls with some little wooden spoons inside.

Again, both of those pieces were thrifted. The little cheese ball holder was $ 2.50 at a local antique store, and then the wooden bowls came in a set from the thrift store, and I believe they were $4 for the set. It originally came with three bowls and three little spoons.


For the middle shelf, I'm going to be incorporating some books in this section. I really enjoy thrifting books and using them in my decor. That first book there was not thrifted; it was the Liz Marie Galvin book, and I also have a ceramic pitcher that I purchased from Hobby Lobby on clearance several years ago.

I also have these faux Pothos plants I found recently at a thrift store for a dollar a stem, and there are two stems in the pitcher.

This little piece here is also thrifted; it came from the Salvation Army and was only five dollars.

I like to add some texture to the hutch.  

This bottom section here is probably my favorite, so as you can see, I incorporated more books.

I have a thrifted wooden bowl and this little Pothos plant that I purchased from Target.

Moving on to the next side, I have several brass pieces.

The candlesticks were 25 cents at a yard sale, and then the other little brass piece was thrifted. I also have some battery-operated candlesticks, again that were thrifted, that I found last Christmas for a dollar a piece.  

Moving on to the next shelf, I do have a couple more thrifted pieces.

There is a vase, there is this little brass bud vase, there is a pitcher, and other things along those lines. I just wanted a grouping of three that were like colors to give a little more brightness to this area.

To finish this look off on the very bottom shelf, I'm going to be adding more wooden bowls to balance the other side and then a thrifted pitcher.

I ended up finding this faux tree at my local thrift store for $15, and I purchased this basket it sits in at Target.

With a bit of rearranging and shoring up of the sides, the tree is solidly in place inside the basket. I am super pleased with how this tree turned out.

As far as the hutch goes, I love to balance it out with light colors, textures, and things like that. I like to brighten it up a little bit and draw your eye to certain areas. I wanted to have four main focal pieces, so I did the top and bottom shelf in the middle, then the left and right side in the middle, and then everywhere else, I just filled in with items to balance it out.

The dining room table

Now, I am moving on to decorating the table. I want to do a very simple tablescape, and first, I'm going to be using this table runner.

I also have a little plant riser with a faux plant.

I'm also going to be using some thrifted brass candlesticks and some thrifted candles that will be going inside of those. For Mother's Day this year, I ended up getting some really lovely charcuterie boards that came in a pack together. I love that layered look, so that's what I'm going for with my dining room table.  

The table runner is a little bit wider than your average runner, but I love it. We do have an eight-seater dining room table, and it does go the entire length of our table. As far as the actual centerpiece itself, I just wanted to layer these cutting boards to add a little bit of texture with the wood and some warmth as well.

I placed the little plant stand that was thrifted and the fern on top. Next to that, I added the three-tiered candlesticks with the white battery-operated candles.  

I always enjoy doing simple tablescapes in my home simply because we eat every single meal at our dining room table, and I have two little ones as well. For summer, it's just really simple, and I just wanted to keep it pretty basic yet still look really pretty.  

Corner area

I have one more little area in the dining room that I want to decorate. I have this little wooden riser and another faux plant. I wanted to add a pop of greenery to this corner because it is pretty bare. Right now, on the wall, I have a floral printed frame that I got on clearance from Hobby Lobby, and the table that this plant is on is thrifted as well.

The only other thing that I did was add a pop of white to that chair that you just saw in the opposite corner.

I absolutely love how the dining room turned out. I think it is very neutral, very calming, very relaxing, and very eclectic. As I said, a lot of these pieces are thrifted. I would say that 80% of this room has thrifted or clearance merchandise, which makes decorating so affordable.

I hope you were able to get some ideas for decorating your dining room for summer. Simple and affordable decorating is one of the best ways to welcome summer into your home. Let me know in the comments what your favorite piece that I used today was.

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