How to Style a Plant Wall With Decor & Shelves in Your Home

In today's video, I'm going to show you how to create a plant wall in your home. You'll need shelving and plants to create the plant wall. Prepare in advance so your project will go smoothly and turn out beautifully.

Gathering plants for the plant wall

Gather your plants

Let's get started. Before we get started building out this wall, I need to wipe these shelves down. My son took the time to put these shelves together. Thank you so much, son. Next, it's time to gather up my plants. I want to grab a few more from around the house to see which ones work best in this space.

Checking the natural light

Check the light coming in

As you can see, all the plants are now gathered in space, and they're eventually making it to the plant wall. I wanted to show you that this window gets the eastern morning sun, which plants absolutely love. It's bright; it's not harsh; it's not likely to burn your plants. So, this is a great window. My fiddly figs do well in this type of light, which is something to remember if you have figs at home.

Now, this window gets western afternoon light, which is a great light. It is not harsh, it's not likely to burn most plants, but it is afternoon light, which means it's a little stronger, and it's probably a little hotter. Because of this, you want to be careful with really delicate plants. But again, if your plants thrive in bright, indirect light, this is great, bright light.

Plant shelving ideas

Add the plants and decor

So, now it's time to load up the shelves. I decided to place the plants that require the least amount of light and water at the very top. Here we have my philodendron, snake plant, and an aloe vera plant. I have another that is an annual called the Cichlidman. I brought this from outside. Lastly, I wanted a viney plant at the end. This one is called the satin pothos.

Now, as I fill in the lower shelves, I'll be looking at the size of the plant to make sure that it fits in the space, but I'm also looking at the plant's colors and textures. So, along with the plants, I've gathered vases, pictures of family and friends, magazines, and treasures that I love.

Special plant concerns

Special plant concerns

So, the plant wall is almost done. But I wanted to take a moment to share with you that some of the plants that you may have seen me bringing in weren't necessarily going to make it into the plant wall, but they would remain in my new office. In particular, I wanted to talk about the fiddle leaf fig because I did grab some plants from around the house in the earlier part of the video.

I want you to be particularly mindful of transplanting a fiddle leaf fig from a different part of your house where it's thriving to a new space because they don't like to be moved. They will go through a little bit of a shock before they acclimate. So, you just have to pay really close attention to them.

I brought this plant in a few weeks ago, and it's already dropped maybe five or six leaves. But the good news is that I do see new growth at the top. So be mindful when you're bringing your plants from different parts of the house.

They do go through a little bit of a shock, but if you're attentive, you pay attention to how they typically grow or how they're doing in their new environment, then if you are attentive, you'll be able to catch it, and you'll be able to make some changes. But I just wanted to share that with you because moving your plants around, they're just like little people, and they have real sensitivities, so you have to be careful.

If you have an oversized candle holder with a nice-sized base, try replacing the candles with small plants. If the candle holder has a sealed base, it can also act as a plant tray and catch the water runoff.

How to style a plant wall

This is my finished plant wall. Oh my goodness, I have enjoyed this project. It has all my favorite things in it. Plants, people that I love, I just love it.

How to style a plant wall

Do you have a plant wall in your home? What plants and decor have you used on it? Share your ideas and plans in the comments below.

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