How to Style Thrifted Decor in Your Home

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Today, I'm all about turning thrifted treasures into stylish home decor. Shopping at vintage and secondhand stores lets me create unique spaces with tons of personality, and I'm here to show you how you can do the same.

Whether you're curious about what I found on my latest thrifting trip or you're looking for some styling inspiration, this video is packed with ideas. I'm even sharing a bonus section on creating designer-looking arrangements using inexpensive finds!

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Cleaning Up My Thrift Store Scores

Before bringing my thrifted goodies home, I always clean and sanitize them. I recommend using a product like OdoBan diluted with water to get rid of any odors and make sure everything is fresh and safe for my home.

My Secret Styling Strategies

Now, let's get to the good stuff! I'm sharing the key principles that professional designers use to create those magazine-worthy looks:

  • Repeat colors at least twice in your vignette to create a cohesive feel.
  • Use live or artificial plants, branches, or flowers to add a touch of nature.
  • Play with the height, shape, texture, and material of your items to keep things visually interesting.

I'll show you what I found and how I plan to style it all:

  • Kitchen Canister: This versatile piece can be used for so much more than just the kitchen. I'll show you how I use it in different ways.
  • Gold Sphere: This unique metal sphere with an opening adds a touch of elegance and functionality.

Bathroom Vanity Refresh

Watch how I create a stylish and functional bathroom vanity arrangement using the thrifted canister and gold sphere:

  • The canister adds storage with a touch of sophistication.
  • A tall vase and some faux greenery add height and texture, complementing the bathroom's hard surfaces.

Media Console Magic

I tend to prefer a more pared-back decorating style, but I still love layering things for visual interest. Here's how I styled my media console:

  • A marble tray grounds the items and makes them stand out.
  • The canister gets a new life as a vessel for some live greenery.
  • The gold sphere transforms into a fancy candle holder.
  • A candle snuffer adds a practical touch.

Home Office Credenza

I put the canister and sphere to work again, adding character to a home office credenza:

  • A marble tray serves as the base.
  • The canister becomes a candle holder.
  • The sphere complements the canister and holds matches.
  • A tall vase with dry branches adds height and natural texture.

Console Styling Tips & Tricks

As I style these consoles, I'm sharing some valuable tips for creating stylish arrangements:

  • Trays Are Your Friend. Trays elevate your items and create a cohesive vignette.
  • Ditch the Rubber Seal. If you're using a canister for a candle or on your vanity, remove the rubber seal for easier opening and closing.

Console Style Showcase

Console Styling 1

This entryway console arrangement introduces the overall color scheme of my home.

Console Styling 2

This console features a mix of textures and materials, with some natural greenery in the mix.

Console Styling 3

This console arrangement uses a glass cloche to elevate a small candle.

More Thrifting Finds

I found some other great things while thrifting, and I'm sharing some ideas for using them:

  • Glass Cloche: This versatile piece makes anything placed under it look more special.
  • Marble Candle Riser: A little rub and buff can transform a dated piece into a stylish gem.
  • Rattan and Wood Basket: This basket offers both decorative appeal and storage functionality.

Nightstand and Dresser Styling Inspiration

I'm demonstrating how to style a nightstand and dresser using thrifted finds:

  • Nightstand Styling: A glass bowl offers a convenient spot for temporary items.
  • Tall Dresser Styling: A thick glass bowl adds height and visual interest.
  • Coffee Table Styling

I know you can't buy the exact items that I showed in this video but I hope it inspired you to look at new ways of using your existing accessories or possibly go thrift shopping to add similar items to your decorating.

I love reading your notes so please comment which of these styling moments you like the most and whether you've gotten some ideas that you can use in your own home.

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