6 Innovative Wallpaper Decor Ideas For Your Home

Wallpaper looks great on walls but what about trying something new with wallpaper? You can achieve any kind of design or create a perfect scenery using inexpensive wallpapers.

Think about all the different textures, colors, and patterns that wallpaper comes in. Here are some unusual wallpaper decor ideas, including how to use wallpaper on doors and furniture.

Let me show you six innovative decorative wallpaper ideas.

Framing wallpaper to use as wall art
Wallpaper wall art
Wallpaper frames

1. Designing wallpaper frames

Use wallpaper in large frames to create accents, accessories, and wallcoverings. To achieve this, buy an empty picture frame and replace the picture inside with wallpaper.

Group them to create repetition and continuity on a wall. Cover the frames with glass to create an elevated look. Wallpaper in frames can be changed since it’s removable.

Wallpaper in wall molding
Wallpaper in trims and molding

2. Using wallpaper in trims and molding

After placing your trims on the wall, you can add wallpaper inside the panels. It is a more permanent design compared to framed wallpaper.

Patterned wallpaper on shelving
Wallpaper behind shelves
Wallpaper on shelves

3. Use wallpaper on your shelves

Place wallpaper on your inner shelves. This can transform new or old shelves. Wallpaper beautifies the shelves to make them focal points.

This treatment will draw the eye to the shelves to admire the accessories on display. Use this idea for kitchen cabinets and bookshelves.

Wallpapered door
Floral wallpaper on doors
Wallpaper design on a door
Patterned wallpaper on doors
Wallpaper on doors

4. Use wallpaper on doors

I had two old brown doors that looked horrible. I couldn’t use them in the redesign I was working on. But I didn’t want to spend money to replace or repaint them. I opted for an off-white wallpaper. It turned out beautifully!

The doors were so pretty. To achieve this, you may need to take off the door handle while installing the wallpaper. So, measure the door, cut the wallpaper, and place it on the door.

Floral wallpaper under stairs
Different patterns of wallpaper on a staircase
Black and white wallpaper beneath stairs
Wallpaper beneath staircases

5. Wallpaper beneath staircases

Measure the staircase and place the wallpaper just beneath each stair. The visual impact is amazing and it almost looks like a painting or tilework.

6. Wallpaper furniture pieces

This idea is perfect for refreshing old furniture. Sometimes furniture pieces have sentimental value and you don’t want to give them up but they need some help to look good. It’s also less expensive to wallpaper a piece of furniture than it is to refinish it with paint or stain.

Wallpaper decor ideas

In addition, you can create a backsplash with wallpaper in your kitchen. Do any of the above wallpaper decor ideas sound like something you might want to try in your home? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Jan 20, 2024
    Where can I find the larger frames like the ones pictured? I love that idea! I have real wood paneling so putting wallpaper over that is a no go, but using the frames would work very well for me.
  • Connie Connie on May 03, 2024
    I’ve used it behind shelves and i used it in a glass doored cabinet i redid on the back wall. I used the peel and stick kind that can be repositioned or removed if i want to change it. I’d do the stairs in a heartbeat but i live in a ranch. I play with wallpaper all the time in crafting.