5 Pretty French Country Spring Decor Ideas For Your Home

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

I am so excited about today because I am going to show you how to make a beautiful spring wreath. I'm also going to be adding some fresh herbs to my window that I placed in some little terracotta planters that I painted them to look all rustic. If you’re as excited to find French country cottage decorating ideas for spring as I am, you are in for a treat.

So today, I'm going to be refreshing my French country kitchen with some spring decor, and I am so excited about it. It's looking kind of blah and plain, and I cannot wait to add some pops of color in here with some fresh florals and DIY projects.

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Herbs for planting

1. Planters

When I think of spring, I think of greenery, blooming flowers, and fresh herbs sitting in the window, so I went over to my local Home Depot and found some of my favorite herbs that I love to cook with, lemon thyme, peppermint, and Italian oregano.

Plain terra cotta pots

My original plan was to use some plain terracotta pots and put them in the window. But once I got home, I really wanted to dress these up a little bit.

White acrylic paint

So I found this craft paint up in my craft room. It is called Wicker White, and I believe that I found this at Hobby Lobby a year or two ago.

Painting the terra cotta pots

I put a very light coat over the terracotta pot, and then I took a dry paper towel and just buffed it away. I really wanted to give it a very worn and weathered look.

Distressing the pots

So once I was done, I took a wet paper towel and kind of went over the edges where they would be worn just a little bit more.

Herb planters

I think they look so cute as is, but if you wanted to add a little bit more to these pots, I think a really pretty font with the names of the herbs stenciled on the front of these pots would look really pretty as well.

Plant pots on the windowsil

You could also add some florals or painted roses.

Spring wreath hung up

2. Wreath

This spring wreath for my kitchen is so incredibly beautiful, and it was super easy to make. I am going to show you exactly how I did that.

Floral foam ring

First, I'm going to share where I got my items and what they are. So this is some floral foam that I picked up at Walmart.

Lamb's ear and moss

I already had this garland with moss and lamb's ear. I didn't use the lamb's ear, but it makes a wonderful filler if you have some empty spaces in your wreath you can just add little pieces of greenery and lamb’s ear.

Pink and purple florals

I didn't go out and buy anything new except for these bright pink florals. I picked those about Walmart as well.

Starting with greenery

Whenever I make any type of wreath or arrangement, I always start with my greenery. So I'm going to start by laying my greenery down onto this piece of floral foam and to keep it in place, you can either use some hot glue or larger staples. I'm just going to stick those in there.

Adding white flowers first

Normally, if I have different-sized florals, I like to add my larger pieces first and then add in the smaller ones, but mine are pretty much all the same size so I'm just going to start by colors first. I wanted to start with all of the whites and evenly spread them out.

Spring wreath

Then, I'll go with the other colors, like pink and lavender. This turned out so pretty. It was super easy and quick.

Attaching the floral wire

To attach this to the hook that I plan on hanging on the wall, I'm going to use some floral wire, wrap that wire around my wreath, and then create a little bit of a loop. It doesn't have to cost you a fortune to make something beautiful, and quite honestly, you could probably find most of these items at the Dollar Tree.

Lavender wreath

3. Cutting board

I wanted to add a little bit more of that lavender throughout my kitchen, and I found this wreath in one of my bins. I believe I picked this up at Hobby Lobby last year or the year before.

Lavender wreath on a cutting board

I thought it would just dress up this round cutting board that I have hanging on the wall.

Milk glass vase with lavender

4. Milk glass vase

I also wanted to bring some of that lavender down here by my diffuser because lavender is known to be relaxing, and I thought it would look really pretty next to it. I have this milk glass vase, and I thought it would look perfect with little pieces of lavender in there. I don't remember where I purchased those, but it was either Joann's or Hobby Lobby.

Spring basket with lavender

5. Basket

Over here where I have a basket in this cut out area where my island is, I thought I would add just a little more of that lavender. Most of the time I add greenery in here, but I thought why not go with a little more of that lavender. It just added a subtle pop of color.

French country spring decor

I hope you loved the French country spring decor that I shared with you today and that you found some new and exciting spring decorating ideas to introduce into your own home.

I love to hear what you think about the tips that I share with you. Please let me know what you liked most in the comments section below.

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  • Marcella King Marcella King on Mar 13, 2024
    I will be trying all of these ideas. I have a helper who will be taking me to the store or just picking these things out for me. I've always loved lavender and hope that it all comes out nicely. Thank you