Ideas For Decorating Your Home With French Country Spring Decor

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

Today, I will be doing some more French country spring decor. I will be pulling out the bunnies and those beautiful spring colors. I hope this inspires you to get decorating and gives you all those fun and pretty fresh spring decorating ideas.

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Spring mantel

I did some spring decor up here on my mantel, but I want to pull out the bunnies now.

Placing bunny ornaments on a mantel

I got into my garage and pulled out my spring decor bins full of these super cute bunnies. I like to go through what I have already and try to use that up before I go out and buy anything new.

Spring flowers

I removed everything from the mantel, wiped everything down, gave it a good clean, then added garland here, and white flowers, and then I placed some pinks and those adorable bunnies.

Springtime is one of my favorite seasons. I cannot wait to decorate outside for more spring decorating, and I will have a lot of fun.

You don't have to make a huge change to make a significant change, so as you can see, I just added a little bit of color and some super adorable bunnies, giving it a completely different look.

Spring mantel

It is giving me all those spring vibes that I was looking for.

Kitchen hutch

I wasn't ready to put those cloches away with the teacups I made, so I brought them to my kitchen hutch.

Kitchen cloche with teacups
Spring planter

They look so cute in here next to a planter that I have.

Cloche with eggs

I will add a bit of spring decor to the bottom with some eggs, a bunny, and just some super cute things to add a little spring feel to this hutch.

Living room sofa with spring pillows

Living room sofa

I found this cute bunny pillow at HomeGoods a while back, and I had to have it. It works perfectly with the rest of my decor, and I love it.

Spring kitchen

Kitchen spring decor

Now, we'll head into the kitchen, where I did some spring decorating already.

Spring wreath

I love this wreath that I made.

I'm not doing too much differently here. I'm just going to replace the valance because I wanted to open that window up a little more and show more of what's outside. I felt like the valance that I had up was blocking a lot of that view.

New valance

The new valance is simple, and I love that tiny ruffle on the bottom.

Bedroom decor

I love using fresh flowers; they make a huge impact. There is nothing like a bouquet of fresh flowers, and I love using these in my bedroom, kitchen, and house. I will assemble a little bouquet to place in my bedroom today. I went to my local grocery store and picked up three bundles.

Flower arrangement in the bedroom

I did the two different types of flowers and then a filler.

Once I had this in my room, I wanted to keep it with those colors, and I had a duvet cover that matched it almost exactly. So even though I loved the blue and the pink that I already had on my bed, I wanted to go with the pink and white.

Spring bedding

So, I switched out my duvet cover as well.

I love the Shabby Chic brand, but Target doesn't sell them anymore. If you're looking for these duvet covers, I know they sell them on eBay.

Sometimes, they're new, and sometimes, they're gently used, but if you go on eBay and search simply Shabby Chic bedding, you can find most of what I already have. Shabby Chic also has a website. Unfortunately, their prices are high.

Spring entryway

Spring entryway

In my entryway, I have this little cutout that always makes it so hard to decorate, and there's this little wall that's not straight. I want to give this area a new look and make it more inviting and pleasing to the eye. So I will place my bench over here, remove the ledge and those sconces.

Bench with spring pillows and a wreath

I love this bench because it works perfectly in this area. Once I removed everything else, I added some pretty and fluffy comfortable pillows. It creates that look that my bench has a back to it, giving it an inviting look.

I have a pretty spring wreath that I added to the center of the wall. I didn’t use a nail for that; I used some Command Hooks.

I was really into the signs, but I've grown out of that phase. I feel like it's a farmhouse look and do not like it anymore. I have phased pretty much everything farmhouse-related out of my decor style. So, I decided to just remove the sign.

I think it looks nice and simple with just a mirror on that wall. My updated spring decor is simple and has some spring vibes. This is what the entryway is looking like so far.

Wreath with lanterns

My final project is changing out the lanterns that are hanging here.

They've been here since we lived in this house, and I wanted a change. I had a few sconces still put away in the box, and I didn't have a place for them.

Sconces either side of a wreath

After removing the white lanterns, I thought the sconces would look perfect over here on this wall.

Battery-powered lights

There's nothing electrical over here that I can hook these up to, so I decided to go ahead and purchase some battery-operated lights, and they work perfectly in the sconces.

French country spring decor

That finishes my French country spring decor. What are your plans for spring decorating? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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  • Sha7309927 Sha7309927 on Feb 28, 2024
    I recently saw a lot of "shabby chic" bedding at Home Goods so if you are looking, it might be worth the trip!