How to Refresh Your Space With French Country, Cozy Home Decor

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

I have recently taken down all of my Christmas decor items, and I want to make sure my house feels warm, cozy, and inviting once again. I know that whenever I put away all of my Christmas decorations my house always seems so bare and lifeless at first.

To remedy that, I am going to focus on setting out some new cozy home decor pieces. I am confident that these French country decor ideas are just what is needed here.

Refreshing the master bedroom

Master bedroom

I am going to start my French country decorating project in the master bedroom. I love making my bedroom super cozy and coming in here at the end of the day.

Freshly made bed

I find it so relaxing to see my bed made so I can just dive in and fall asleep.

Picture on the wall

I have this picture here on my wall, and I love the pops of red in here, however, I was really getting tired of the gold frame. Because of that, I am going to take that off the wall, take it apart, and paint it white.

Rust-Oleum satin finish in all white

The paint I am using is Rust-Oleum satin finish in all white.

While that is outside drying, I am going to make a little bouquet of flowers. I love putting fresh flowers in my bedroom.

Little bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of fresh-cut flowers

Sometimes I use silk flowers, but there is nothing like having a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers on your nightstand.

Casablanca lily in a bouquet

There is a Casablanca lily in here and when that blooms it will make my whole bedroom smell amazing.

Master bedroom

Taking a step back and seeing how everything looks right now, I really like the bareness of the wall with just those sconces. I feel like it is very refreshing and it does not have a crowded feeling.

Placing the frame back on the wall

My bedroom is extremely small, and I almost do not need to put this frame back on the wall, but I really need some color in here.

Painted frame

This is what the frame looks like all painted after I let it dry outside for a day a day and a half.

Subtle color in pillow covers

I want to add just a subtle hint of color in here besides all of the white, so I dug through my closet and found some pillow covers that I made a really long time ago with some inserts that fit perfectly in them. That blue color is perfect for the winter months, and I love that pretty lace on the ends. It adds to that romantic feel in here.

Lighting a candle

Lighting a candle makes everything complete with the flowers and all of those fluffy pillows, giving me those comforting vibes in here.

Finished master bedroom

  1. Family room

Family room with decor

Now that the bedroom is complete, we're going to head downstairs into the family room. As you can see, I do not have anything on the sofa or anything on the mantel. I have everything cleared away at the moment, so there is not much to look at.

French country living space

All the rooms in my home are not very big, so it does get a little challenging when I want to add any type of French country decor.

I have been trying to add less lately, and I am loving it because before I would just throw a ton of decorations into a room, and even though it would look pretty, after a while it would start to give me a cluttered feeling.

Sofa without pillows

That being said, I am going to try not to do that as much and see what happens, but I'm going to at least add some fluffy pillows to the sofa.

Adding a big pillow to the sofa

A really simple way to incorporate some French country decor in the living room is to make your sofa look inviting and cozy is by adding simple things, like big, fluffy pillows and super comfortable throw blankets.

Cozy pillows and throw blankets

Since we are still in the winter months, I wanted to keep things simple and very neutral, so I am throwing my white fluffy blanket on here and then I'm going to add this longer pillow. I love the colors in here, and I feel like they're slightly warm and very neutral.

Sofa with neutral decor

I have a couple of big, fluffy pillows that are all neutral colors, and it doesn't overwhelm the eye with a ton of bright colors and different patterns, so that is what I am going with. I am adding a pop of color for that long pillow and then neutrals for the rest.

Thrifted armchair

I found this chair at the thrift store the other day, and it was only $11. I could not pass it up. I plan on recovering it, and I think I am going to strip the trim and just give it a barewood look.

Bare mantel

Now we're going to decorate the mantel and I want to keep it simple.

Sticking a candle inside an urn

I want to go with some warm candles in different sizes and textures. I had this pretty urn, and I am sticking a larger candle in there.

Arranging pedestal candles either side

I also have these little pedestal candle holders that I am placing up there as well.

Candles and candle holders on the mantel

I love that they are different colors, but all the candles are white.

French country fireplace

  1. Dining room

Redecorating a hutch

Now, I am going to switch out this planter box that I have in my hutch. I have some pretty burgundy flowers in the planter box at the moment.

Replacing burgundy flowers with white ones

I am going to switch them out to some whites.

Refreshed hutch

  1. Kitchen

Kitchen with a pink valance

Now, we're going to head into the kitchen.

White valance in the kitchen

First, I am just going to switch out my valance to a white one.

Fresh flowers in the kitchen

Next, I am giving this countertop a little bit more life with a faux plant and some fresh flowers.

Adding lavender and rosemary to a diffuser

I am going to get my diffuser started after that, and I am going to be diffusing some lavender and rosemary.

French country decorating

French country decorating

French country decorating is so much fun because you place an emphasis on adding cozy home decor throughout your house.

What to transform your space next? Let me know where you plan to start and what pieces you like most from my own transformation in the comments down below.

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  • Eva Carter-Hoyt Eva Carter-Hoyt on Feb 06, 2024
    Everything is so pretty, the only thing I think the hutch is just way to white, it needs some kind of color even if its subtle, just with the hutch being white, the dishes white, the flowers white, only really see the one colored piece inside it the rest just fades out