How to Style a Afro-Boho Living Room With Vintage & Thrifted Items

I’m taking you on a tour of my home, which includes my Afro-boho living room. You'll learn ways to incorporate high-end, vintage, thrifted, and used items into your custom home decor to create Afro-boho decor.

Using my “custom on a budget” philosophy, I’ll show you how I mixed new purchases with thrifted and repurposed furnishings and decor. Let’s go!

Red front door
Entry to a 1925 bungalow

1. Entry

When you come into my 1925 bungalow, there is no foyer. I do have this beautiful original wood door. My home is designed with an Afro-bohemian eclectic aesthetic and a little on the maximalist side.

Charles Bibbs artwork

2. Art

I have a rare piece by Charles Bibbs, who is an African-American artist.

Comfortable reading nook
Kuba cloth pattern

3. Reading nook

My reading nook is so comfortable, particularly with this footstool.

Mud cloth pattern
I designed the pillows on the chair. I made them, too. I have a kuba cloth pattern on the front, and on the back, a mud cloth pattern.

Midcentury modern guitar pick table
Basket and tray with layered books
The table is midcentury modern and it’s a guitar pick shape. There’s a thrifted wooden tray on top that I got for $2! I layered books on the marble tray because I have a marble table across the room and I like having notes of marble around the space.

Afro-boho style living room
Palm plant with a mirror
The palm plant serves as a lovely green focal point in the corner. Behind the plant are two elongated thrifted mirrors that reflect a lot of light from the window in the corner. I layered the window with curtains and sheers. I shortened the curtains to fit over the radiator by the window.

Cozy living room
Translucent windows

4. Fireplace

On the windows on the side of my fireplace are windows that I have some masking with this translucent material that gives it a little texture. I didn’t want any curtains or shades here.

Grasscloth wallpaper
I love grasscloth wallpaper and I have it on the fireplace wall. It has a beautiful orange color and texture and the hue matches my front door. It has beautiful beiges and yellows in the color, as well.

Painted black fireplace
Cowhide stool

The fireplace is repainted in a bold smokey black color for a spectacular moment in this room. It’s a real wood-burning fireplace. In the warm weather, I put another stool in front of it.

The cowhide stool is from Room & Board. In the cold weather I use my fireplace frequently–please remember to clean your fireplace between seasons!

Framed wedding certificate from 1866
The mantel includes thrifted pots, greenery, dishes, and vases. The green vase has some sticks in there to add some height. I also have my grandparent’s framed wedding certificate from 1866 on the mantel.

Plants on vintage cake plates
My plants are sitting on thrifted wire vintage cake plates.

Cozy corner in a living room
Cozy corner
This corner is very cozy. It includes my ceremonial stool and holds magazines in a basket. I have a lamp from Lamps Plus. This photo is of a painting that I did for someone else. Here’s the place where I have that touch of marble.

Sofa with colorful pillow covers
Sofa with cushions

5. Sofa

This sofa came from Room & Board and is so, so comfortable. The pillows are a mix of animal prints, which I love in rooms. I made the ikat patterned pillow and I love it because it has an elephant on it.

Original piece of art
Creating an original piece of art

6. Art behind the sofa

This is another spectacular and dynamic moment in this room. This original piece of art is called “Life Will Always Bend Your Way,” done by me! It’s acrylic paint on mud cloth. It’s an entire piece of cloth cut into four pieces and framed individually. Oversized pieces like this can bring your space to life.

Walnut coffee table
Walnut coffee table with books

7. Coffee table

This walnut table with metal legs from Room & Board has such clean lines. The tablescape on top is simple. I used two thrifted flat teak trays to hold a candle, an Italian bowl with loose rocks, and my favorite books.

Black granite top table

8. End table

I have a black granite top table with brass legs. It holds more coffee table books. I have a basket with a light blanket for those cool nights.

Tommy Bahama etagere holding a record collection
Tommy Bahama etagere

9. Etagere

This piece creates another stellar moment in this room. This is a gorgeous Tommy Bahama etagere from Facebook Marketplace for a steal. It’s stunning–it has great quality and craftsmanship. It would have retailed for around $3,000 but I got it for around $375!

It holds my collection of vintage records and 8-track tapes. This lovely thrifted vase holds greenery from the thrift store, too. There are numerous thrifted decor pieces on this piece.

Etagere with decor
Red giclee print

Next to the etagere is more art. There’s a self-portrait of myself in high school. I added a beautiful bold red giclee print (specialized high-resolution print).

I also framed a Ray Charles album and album cover. It’s so cool because the album is clear. Below, I have a vintage wire basket to hold more vintage albums and a vintage plant stand to hold a plant.

Basket next to the etagere
Baskets under the etagere

On the other side is a sweet little thrifted trash can that fits so well in the space next to the etagere. I used the space under the etagere for baskets that hold CDs and DVDs. I still do play those!

Area rug with a subtle pattern
Safavieh rug from Overstock

10. Rug

I purchased this Safavieh rug from Overstock. I love the subtle pattern and a wonderful backdrop for all the layered patterns in the space.

Afro-boho living room

Let me know what you think of my Afro-boho living room! What’s your favorite piece in the space? Leave me a comment below on what you love most about Afro-boho chic design and decor.

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  • Spu85693828 Spu85693828 on Mar 25, 2024
    I love that your home has your personality! Thank you for the tour; I really enjoyed it. The 8 track tapes took me waaay back in time.
  • Nellie Nellie on Apr 07, 2024
    I really love the translucent window material, very good idea.