How to Decorate in a Boho Chic Style: 11 Easy Ideas

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by Posh Pennies

Do you want to learn how to decorate boho style? Boho interior design is a distinct style that combines aesthetics from different cultures and art, along with elements of nature to form a relaxed, eclectic interior. I’ll share with you 11 tips on how to decorate boho chic.

Different boho styles
Neutral boho
Boho rugs
Boho yarn

1. Add texture

Boho homes are always full of texture. But how do you actually add texture to a room? Think about what you enjoy touching when you go shopping. Do you love to touch baskets, woven wall hangings like macrame, things made out of leather, or other natural materials like stone?

Boho fabrics
Boho throw pillows

Look for throw pillows, blankets, and chunky knits that draw you to touch them and look cozy to you.

Cushion seating
Cushions as seating
Low-level seating

2. Use low-level seating

What says relaxing and hanging out with friends and kicking back than floor pillows, poufs, and Moroccan-style ottomans. You can even layer up cozy rugs to lounge on.

Lower furniture
Lower bed

You’ll also need lower coffee tables, and maybe a lower bed.

Modern style interior design
Colorful boho decor
Bedroom with striped bedding
Black and white bedroom

3. Keep it light

Avoid heavy, dark furniture. Lighter woods will make a much better backdrop to all the colors, patterns, and textures you’ll add to a boho-style room.

Darker pillow on a lighter bed

Have one darker item in a room–like a side table or accent pillow to anchor the room.

Plant wallpaper in a boho bathroom
Dining area with plants
Boho living space with plants
Living room with plants
Plant pots
Home with hanging plants
Plant-filled home

4. Add plants

Plants add a fresh jungle vibe to a room. Definitely incorporate as many potted and hanging plants as you can into boho-style spaces. Planters also add that fun splash of color and texture to a room.

Large plant in decor
Greenery in a boho home

Some popular boho-style greenery includes all types of Monstera plants, cacti, and tropical plants (but only if you have the right type of temperature in your home).

Layering lighting

5. Layer your lighting

Don’t just stick to one overhead light. Mix in a variety of lighting fixtures and sources. Add pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps, lanterns, candles, and string lights. Clusters of illumination in conversation areas are very inviting.

Bohomian style living room
Boho bedroom with a rug
Boho style dining space
Boho chic interior design

6. Use and layer rugs

Use vintage and Moroccan rugs to add to that vintage, boho feeling. Layering rugs is very effective, especially in larger rooms where it can be costly to buy one huge area rug.

Layering rugs in a bedroom
Boho chic layered rugs
How to layer rugs

Layering small ones is very boho chic.

Layering rugs
Use a jute rug as a base and a woven rug on top of that.

Leather sofa with patterned pillows
Lots of patterns in boho decor
Integrating patterns into boho decor

7. Integrate patterns

There’s no rule about how much or little pattern you add to a boho-style room.

Purple boho bedroom
Green boho-style living area
Boho living space

Try to coordinate colors somewhat so if you’re trying to find a place to start, choose an overarching color palette. For example, choose gold and purple, blue and green, or any two or three colors that inspire you. Then find patterns with those colors in them.

How to decorate with boho patterns

One rule with patterns is that you need to give your eye a rest. So for example if you have a big, bold, beautiful tapestry hanging behind your bed, pair it with neutral bedding or sofa. You don’t want patterns to compete and become visual overload.

Retro boho design
Vintage boho style
Mixing in vintage furniture pieces

8. Mix in vintage

If you’re decorating a boho living room, for example, add in a vintage chair or coffee table. Vintage items add character to a space because they are worn, they tell a story, and that’s what boho decor is all about.

Boho living room with pops of color
Yellow painted door
Colorful painted furniture

9. A pop of paint

Add vibrancy and happiness to your space. Boho is not sterile. It’s fun and it’s light-hearted. Try adding in a painted bright green or yellow door, a turquoise chair, or even a modern piece of furniture you have painted a bright color.

Home fragrances

10. Create a home fragrance

A nice-smelling home does wonders for the way you and others feel about your space. Fragrance is a personal choice.

Boho style homes
Boho living room
How to decorate boho

11. Surround yourself with loved items

Put things in your home that you love, that spark joy, as Marie Kondo (professional organizer) would say. This rule is true for any style. So when you are buying something, make sure it truly speaks to you in some way.

How to decorate boho

Boho interior design takes time to do. Your style will develop as you acquire items from your travels and experiences, which is what boho style is all about. It tells the story of you.

Let me know in the comments if you love boho, hate boho, or if these tips have inspired you to begin a boho design adventure in your home.

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  • Mary Vance Mary Vance on Mar 30, 2024
    Low, low and extra low; must be for the young. A little too much color in some of the rooms and the plants, I can't even keep fake plants; ask the cat why. Some nice ideas and some a little over the top. Your house, your thing!
  • Sewinglady29 Sewinglady29 on Apr 16, 2024
    I loved boho when I was in my twenties. Now in my late 70's. Not gonna happen. Furniture too low; all that pattern is too distracting; too much clutter. As you age, you need simple things.